Troy did a fine job during his last video of topping, and he is playing on the gay team now, fully embracing his bottom-boy status. Not only that, he was super excited to work with Glenn.

Glenn had been beefing up, so he had put on a lot of mass, and then spent a month getting cut up. Troy is a total gym guy, and loves the field of body building. One look at Glenn and his mouth was open along with being ready to get his ass plowed by him. Glenn also seems to have let go of all his limits.

Troy’s cock always gets bone hard when there is cock inside of him. Love a bottom who is totally into being fucked. The two go at with true sexual tension. Glenn really got into Troy enjoying his cock inside him, and Troy was loving every minute of it Glenn’s fat cock.

Troy gets the cum fucked out of him, while Glenn does his trademark shoot once on the outside and cock twitch unload the rest on the inside, complete with some cummy ass play at the end!

Watch Troy and Glenn fuck at Chaos Men

Watch Troy and Glenn fuck at Chaos Men

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