Get ready to get dirty with Shay Michaels and Hunter Marx, hulking hunks in matching black jockstraps who clash in a pit of slick mud. Fighting like warriors, they grapple for domination, their thick chests and round asses quickly coated in mud, before hunger takes hold and the jocks come off. The two studs flip flop in the pig pen, trading wet, deep blowjobs, till Hunter pushes Shay on all fours and rubs his hard, thick meat against Shay’s impressive ass. Shay turns the tables and grabs his own selfish pleasure, gliding his big, cut tool up and down Hunter’s mud-slick crack. The well-matched pair of fuckers flip back and forth for control, till Hunter tongues Shay’s big round ass before and works his cock into him from behind, fucking in the mud like a couple of horny pigs. The deep-dicking earns moans of pleasure from the verbal Shay. Hunter flips him on his back in the mud and gives Shay more of what he’s needing, fucking him into the corner of the pen, nailing the musclebound pig until both mud studs erupt in gobs of white cum. A candid shower scene follows, as the two built men hose each other clean.

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