In Kristen Bjorn‘s new bareback video Patryk Jankowski, Tom Vojak and Marek Borek all strip down to their underwear and Patryk takes in the full man smell of Tom’s cock and balls. Tom disposes of his underwear and Patryk consumes his gigantic uncut cock in one gulp. Patryk is turned onto his back and force fed Marek’s huge cock while Tom services Patryk. Tom and Marek go back to back and hover above Patryk’s hungry mouth as he begins to service both of their hairy holes with his tongue. Patryk is then flipped on his side as Marek forces his raw cock up his ass and Tom face fucks him with his massive cock. Being flipped around again, Patryk sucks and tastes the hot fuck juices on Marek’s cock as Tom stuffs his raw cock up Patryk’s ass. Marek and Tom lie down on the bed and Patryk squats down on one hot cock after the other. Marek blows his load all over Patryk’s balls causing Patryk to blow his load and Tom feeds his load into Patryk’s hungry mouth. Do you love the smell of hot sex?

Kristen Bjorn,Patryk Jankowski, Tom Vojak, Marek Borek

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