NakedSword has just released a brand new movie called “A Wicked Game“ starring some of the hottest gay porn actors. This film is a NakedSword and MEN co-production directed by Mr Pam.

A Wicked Game“ stars exclusive Jarec Wentworth, Falcon Studios Group exclusive Ryan Rose and hot gay porn actors Duncan Black, Rikk York, Valentin Petrov, Ty Royal and James Hamilton.

Lost in a sea of romance, newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black find true love in each others arms, but all the while danger is knocking at their door. While honeymooning in Fort Lauderdale a beautiful day making love at sea ends in tragedy when the young lovers fall victim to a home invasion. Bound, gagged, and at the mercy of a sadistic stranger, they are forced to fulfill his twisted sexual fantasies. Will the love they have for each other see them through this nightmare or will it be their fatal undoing? This shocking thriller stars Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose like you’ve never seen him before! As the gorgeous lover of Duncan Black, Ryan appears to be the perfect soul mate but as the plot unfolds you’ll begin to wonder. A Wicked Game also stars James Hamilton as the sex-crazed intruder, exclusive Jarec Wenworth as the sexy detective, Rikk York, Valentin Petrov and Ty Royal. Shot entirely on location in gorgeous Fort Lauderdale and directed by mr. Pam, A Wicked Game proves how easy it is to be blinded by lust and betrayed by love.


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