Rudy has had a man crush on his roomie, Milos Zambo, for quite some time now.One day while Milos is out at the gym, Rudy lays back on his bed and beats his meat looking at some photos of Milos and him on his phone. He is interrupted by Milos who has returned from the gym earlier than usual.

Milos fucks around with Rudy teasing him of jerking off and buries Rudy’s head in his sweaty crotch. Rudy pretends to struggle to get free but secretly enjoys the smell coming from Milos’s stinky shorts.

Milos steps away from the bed and begins to show off his muscles to his smaller roommate as Rudy continues to jerk off. Before long, Rudy is begging for more and wants to suck Milos’s dick while he flexes…but Milos will have nothing of the sort…at least for now. He forces Rudy back on the bed while he continues to put on a show for Rudy posing and flexing with a raging boner.

Rudy lays back on the bed and spreads his legs as if to beg to be fucked by Milos. But Milos has other things in mind and commands Rudy on his knees to suck his rock hard dick. Rudy slurps the hard rod and grabs the huge biceps of his aggressor.

Before long, Milos can’t hold back anymore and throws Rudy back on the bed, spreading his hairy legs so he can look at his man hole. He lubes up and fucks Rudy while continuing to garner the respect of his littler rookie. After both guys get their fill of each other, they both cum, exhausted, with Rudy delighted at the worship fuck he just received. Milos grabs his clothes and walks out of the room leaving Rudy to daydream of more worship fucking.

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Watch Milos and Rudy fuck at ManAvenue

Watch Milos and Rudy fuck at ManAvenue

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