Don’t let Colin Black’s handsome looks fool you: he might have beautiful facial features, but he’s constantly lusting for new guys to have sex with, and when Jimmy Durano darkens the doorway of Colin’s room, the mocha hunk couldn’t be more pleased. Their looks tell each other everything they need to know: Jimmy is ready to fuck, and Colin is more than willing to answer his need. They embrace with kisses and hard, masculine touching before Colin works his way down to the erection growing in Jimmy’s pants. He undoes the Latin top’s zipper, lays down on his side, and works his wet lips around Jimmy’s cock, sucking his thick, curved meat. Jimmy strips down: he peels off his shirt and flexes his amazing torso, showing off every possible muscle who Colin works on his cock. Colin works his way in back and eats out Jimmy’s furry hole, getting him excited before the time comes to fuck. Jimmy is any bottom’s dream top: he’s handsome, muscular, has a huge uncut cock, and knows how to fuck a bottom. Colin is put to the test and flips into several positions — on his back, on all fours — as Jimmy drills and pounds deep into his ass before they both shoot their hot gay cum!

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