Conner has been chained and blindfolded in the basement and he’s not too pleased. Spencer enters wearing a leather jockstrap and carrying a leather strap. After checking out the merchandise, the bearded muscleman gives Conner’s perky round butt a good spanking while Conner moans with delight for nearly 10 minutes. (I worked with Conner the next day and he still had bruises!) With the chains removed, but still blindfolded, Conner begs to suck Spencer’s big dick. Spencer knows he’s got a hot body and throbbing cock and doesn’t mind making Conner work for it, but Conner enthusiasm is contagious, and Spencer gets down to taste Conner’s cock, too. With butt cheeks still ruby red, Conner gets on all fours to let Spencer lube up his hairy hole with his tongue, as he talks dirty. But Spencer was so anxious to stick his dick in Conner’s ass, he didn’t even wait to put up the sling. He just kept him bend over on the floor and shoved it in. After they got warmed up, we did set up the sling to get a good clear shot of the action. These two hairy beasts looks incredible from an aerial view of Spencer’s dick plowing that hungry ass. When the time was right, both of these muscle cubs shot big plumes of jizz straight up in the air.

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