Hot porn newcomer Jose Quevedo and Felipe Ferro make their Menatplay debut today in the studio’s new video called “Lawless.”

Dodgy businessman Jose Quevedo has something to hide but he’s been sussed out by Officer Felipe Ferro, and Felipe is determined to get to the bottom of what Jose is hiding.. one way or another. And since he refuses to respond Officer Ferro tries a more hands on approach, and he’s not shy about putting his hands down the suspects suit trousers to see what he’s hiding. Ferro’s rough handling gets Jose completely turned on and his cock gets hard the moment the beefy Police Officer touches it. And the manhandling continues as Felipe pushes him to the floor and forces his rock had dick into the suspects mouth, fucking his face till he gags but Jose just begs for more. Felipe then turns loose of Jose’s impressive muscular butt, and eats his tasty hole before stretching it with his cock and giving him a deep pounding. The Men then flip, and Felipe’s ass gets a good dose of dick before they each shoot a spectacular load!

Men At Play, Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo

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