If you are into wrestling, singlets and oily muscles, you should definitely watch UK Hot Jocks’ latest video starring James Castle and Nathan Raider! James stands up to let Nathan suck him off, peeling the lube soaked straps of his singlet down and rubbing his own slicked up body in pleasure. Nathan slowly pushes his massive cock into his tight tanned arse, building up to a hard and veracious pace, showing him no mercy!

James groans deeply, and makes loads of noise, not surprising with the size of the cock he’s taking up his arse! Slipping over into their sides in a half spoon position, Nathan can easily slide back and forth in all that lube, pounding him form a different angle, James’s perfect body glistening with every thrust. Hopping on top of Nathans thick dick and riding him hard, James awesome back tattoo looking hot, all shiny and wet. Nathan holds him up and thrusts the fuck into him, taking back control and pounding the cum out of him!

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