I have some new Hustlaball London 2013 videos for you guys! I hope you didn’t miss my previous Hustlaball London posts, but if you are not sure, please check out these links part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 (videos), part 6! Huge thanks to Jay @joecums22 for the amazing photos and videos!

The first 10min video shows Tomas Brand, Logan Rogue fucking Jake Bolton! Jake gets his ass pounded by Logan Rogue, while he is sucking Tomas’ cock. They switch positions and Jake starts riding Tomas…and Logan joins the duo, so they are double penetrating Jake’s hungry ass!! Direct link to the video!


The second video, which is 7min long is the big cumshot finale with Landon Conrad, Sam Barclay (cums), Trenton Ducati (cums), Christopher Daniels, Marco Sessions (cums), JP Dubois (cums) and Paddy O’Brian! Direct link to the video!

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