Helix Studios‘ cock cam catches Corbin Colby‘s colossal cock and balls banging around underneath the dirty deed as Josh Brady brings the hammer down with a bionic, bareback booty bang. Out of breath from the big bang but still horny as hell, Colby leans back and orders up a salacious suck job from Josh who gives the guy’s general a full saliva salute. Corbin is getting cocky now, (and we love it.) He orders Brady to bring that beautiful butt to his face. Without hesitation, Josh sits that delicious derriere down on the dude’s darting tongue while continuing to work the big rig at the other end of his ass eater for a succulent 69 session. Much to Corbin’s (and our) surprise, Brady is cumpletely surrendering his sexed up sphincter to Corbin cramming his kisser inside his horny hole. Colby takes the hint, then takes it to the next level offering Josh a bareback seat on his super sized schlong. Brady is DEFINITELY open to trying BIG new things today. He hops atop Corbin’s formidable phallus and slides his virgin pucker down deep on our Don Juan of dicks! He starts off slow and seductive but quickly shifts gears to grind that meaty muscle butt down hard on Colby’s cock BIG time, riding that delicious “D” like a cock hungry cowboy! Josh kisses Colby, then his top man tendencies kick back in and he suggests Corbin take a raw ride on his rig to keep the bone burying balanced between the new flip flopping friends. Colby is definitely down for more dicking and looks sexy as fuck getting nailed while his huge hard on hops around. Colby isn’t JUST getting fucked, he’s also knowingly DOING some sly mind fucking on one of our MOST dominant tops, wanting the wonder boy to break out of his box a bit and realize the pleasures of a good ol’ nasty butt banging! He spins around and tells Josh to give him that ass once more. Josh braces himself on all fours, then gets his hot ass handed to him as Colby’s low hangers bang against his booty with every hard thrust! Corbin is definitely bringing Brady places he’s never been before and the hot hunk is LOVING it, hollering for him to go even harder! Brady’s booty is at it’s breaking point and his pretty piece blows, busting buckets everywhere as Colby continues cocking his hungry hole. Corbin can’t hold it in any longer either. He lets his large load loose inside Brady’s beautifully smooth butt crack. Making the most of popping the tasty top’s porn cherry, he spreads his sticky sex seed around the smooth surface of his satisfied cum customer. As if it couldn’t get any hotter, Brady says, “that was pretty fucking great.” We couldn’t agree more Mr. Brady.

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