Opposites attract when tall, dark and hairy stud Spencer Reed hooks up with sexy, smooth, blond Christopher Daniels. The chemistry is obvious as they kiss and explore each others’ bodies. Christopher is soon on his knees cramming Spencer’s hard cock down his throat as he jerks his own big meat. Spencer pulls Christopher up and pushes him down on the table so he can play with his voluptuous ass. He licks and spits on Christopher’s tight, pink hole loosing it up with his fingers preparing it for his throbbing dick. Spencer lays back on the table and Christopher impales himself with hard cock. He bounces and rides then spins around and rides some more. Spencer stands up and moves his bottom boy to the edge of the table so he can pound his ass hard, each thrust getting him closer to climax. When he is ready to blow, he shoots all over Christopher’s face and mouth, which sets off Christopher’s spunk fountain across his ripped stomach. Spencer licks up his load and kisses Christopher, beards full of sweat and spunk.

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