In the last video Guys In Sweatpants surprised Dax Daniels with Jack Hunter in bed in a jockstrap, ass up, ready to get fucked. But before Dax got to cum and leave, the guys had another surprise for him– Bray Muse ass up and ready to take Dax’s load. Dax mentioned his perfect fuck scenario was a willing bottom, tied up and ready to just get fucked. So GiSP gave him just that– twice. Bray is a little guy, but knows how to take some big dick. Dax manhandled Bray all over the bed, fucking him position after position until we fucked his load into, which made Bray bust almost instantly. At the end of the day, everyone was more than happy with Dax’s surprise!

Guys In Sweatpants, Bray Muse, Dax Daniels

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