ChaosMen‘s new bareback video starts with Bjorn servicing Cooper Reed and Pax, who spend some time kissing while their cocks get worked on. They all move over to the bed where Cooper gets a taste of Pax’s meat. He then feeds it to Bjorn, making sure it goes all the way down his throat.

It wasn’t long before they had Bjorn doggy-style. Cooper rimmed Bjorn’s hole, getting it all slicked up for his cock. In the meantime, Bjorn kept his mouth action on Pax’s cock. Bjorn said he could handle anything, but ironically both Cooper and Pax struggled to get inside Bjorn’s tight hole. Cooper did the loosening up with his tongue and finger, and you can tell he struggled to get into Bjorn’s tight hole.

Pax climbs over Bjorn and feeds his ginormous cock to Cooper, who bangs the heck out of Bjorn. Cooper really liked that and encouraged Pax to try the same thing. Cooper fucks the cum out of Bjorn, and nearly seconds later, Pax is feeding his load to Bjorn. I am sure Bjorn was in pig bottom nirvana! Timing is a hard thing to accomplish in porn, and these two were on their game!

ChaosMen, Cooper Reed, Bjorn, Pax

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