Julio Rey was one of Butch Dixon‘s biggest summer crushes from last year, we’ve been trying to get him back, but when you’re that HOT and HANDSOME and HUNG you can really have your pick, so we had to find someone AS sexy, stunning and hung, (fanfare) welcome Axel Max, a dirty blonde with a ripped body, a ripe peach of an arse and a hefty handful of delicious cock, and the cherry on this creamy cake – its a rampantly, spunk-leaking bareback scene! Butch Dixon gets in good and close you can almost smell that spunky hole as Axel’s butt opens to swallow Julio’s raw, throbbing dick. Its a tight hole pushing back Julio’s foreskin as it slides in to expose that super sensitive head as Axel moans and and takes the whole length. Butch Dixon work these hot hunks to the max so you can see every angle as Max rides that hot pole until Julio can hold back his jizz no longer!!

Butch Dixon, Julio Rey, Axel Max

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