Adam Ramzi and Dario Beck make a furry connection as they kiss in Raging Stallion‘s “XXXPOSURE.” Adam, lean and full-bearded, strokes himself with one hand and Dario with the other. Dario, though, would rather have his mouth on Adam’s cock. While Dario sucks, Adam uses his displaced hand to rub Dario’s hairy butt and guide his head. Adam cranes his neck and plunges his tongue into Dario’s hole. Once it’s well warmed up and spit-lubed, Adam fucks him. Missionary follows doggie as Dario shakes his booty and Adam works his hip flexor muscles. Dario sprays his hairy abs with cream and Adam adds his own to the clots of white dripping down Dario’s flanks.

Raging Stallion, Adam Ramzi, Dario Beck

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