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Trenton Ducati fucks Landon Conrad in Hot House’s “My Doctor Sucks”

May 20, 2013 Video Updates 2 Comments

In the last scene of Hot House‘s new medical movie “My Doctor Sucks,” Landon Conrad catches Dr. Trenton Ducati at the end of his shift and tells him that he’s been having some trouble urinating. Dr. Ducati decides he needs to exam nurse Conrad’s prostate so he grabs the rubber gloves and probes his hole. Landon rolls over to reveal his raging hardon and Dr. Ducati determines the treatment is working. Phase two of the exam involves Dr. Ducati’s hot tongue and mouth. He licks Landon from the tip of his hard cock to his tight hole and back again, eventually swallowing every inch of Landon’s dick. With his co-worker all wet and ready Dr. Ducati moves on to phase three by ordering Landon on his knees so he can shove his fat cock deep in the nasty nurse’s ass. He fucks him hard then pulls out and feeds Landon his huge dick, finalizing the exam by shooting a big load all over Landon’s hairy muscular chest.

Watch Trenton and Landon fuckt at Hot House

Watch Trenton and Landon fuckt at Hot House

Watch Trenton and Landon fuckt at Hot House

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  • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

    Fucking hot doctors!

  • DT

    i LOVE it!