Last week I teased you with the first trailer of of Paddy O’Brian‘s next video “Top To Bottom 2,” (coming on 26th July) in which this hot power top bottoms for the first time ever on camera. When I first posted about the big news, the comment section was on fire. Many of you thought top is going to be Paul Walker or Rocco Reed, but some of you knew right aways that the lucky guy who fucks Paddy is…TOPHER DIMAGGIO! I have some preview pictures and a new trailer for you guys. Enjoy

Watch Paddy bottom for Topher on 26th July

Watch Paddy bottom for Topher on 26th July

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  • nothanks

    Now that I know it’s Topher, I don’t want to watch this video.

  • cocktackle

    I can’t wait to see Paddy taking that big cock!

  • fakemen

    i hope next time they find a better top for paddy like charlie harding or colby jansen

  • lobtaylor

    Topher is great looking and all, but bores me as a pornstar whether he’s topping or on the bottom. Wasn’t gonna bother with this now am doubly not bothering with this!

  • bbporn

    Topher is younger, prettier and smoother.

  • bbporn

    I mean compared to charlie or colby.

  • I was hoping for Paddy’s first time to be with Paul, because of their friendship, and a kind of revenge fuck back, but this is a start.