”The last time you were here,” I said to Jessie, “I remember you really dumped a load!”
“Yes,” he replied. “Every time I cum, it is a lot!

Liev raised an eyebrow and smiled. He was intrigued. Jessie was really shy during his first visit. He didn’t say much then. But now that he was sitting there with Liev, he became much more talkative.

“He is cute!” Jessie said, looking directly at Liev. “When I found out that I was going to be doing it with him I was very excited. I looked at all of his work.”
“His work?” I asked.
“On the site,” he replied. “It’s pretty awesome.”

Of course, Liev was grinning ear-to-ear. He was looking forward to this too.

“Wow,” Jessie said after getting fucked for a few minutes by Liev. “I was not expecting that!”
“Is it OK?” Liev asked.
“Oh my god, yes,” Jessie said. “It’s so long… nothing has ever been so deep before!
Liev laughed. “It feels good… I’m not taking it out!”

Watch Jessie and Liev fuck at Sean Cody

Watch Jessie and Liev fuck at Sean Cody

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