“See how good that feels?” Jordan asked William as he stuck one finger in his ass, and then another.

William groaned a little and bit his lip.

I like having a finger or two in my ass,” Jordan confessed. “I get hard so fast…”

Jordan was definitely full of helpful tips!

After his loosened up William’s ass with his fingers, he stood and slowly slid his dick in.

William’s eyes rolled up into his head.

“Wow, that was pretty intense,” William said. He’d gotten a good pounding from Jordan and was having difficulty standing up. “Let me get my legs back and then I want a turn!”

Jordan laughed. “Yeah, I guess that’s fair,” he said.

William didn’t need a long break. “Come here,” he told Jordan.

William took a second to adjust Jordan’s ass just so… and then he went in

Watch William and Jordan at Sean Cody

Watch William and Jordan at Sean Cody

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