Chi Chi LaRue has started filming a new Channel 1 Releasing movie – “Daddy, We’ve Been Bad!” – with Rocco Steele, Kyler Ash, and Taylor Reign.


Mickey Taylor and Brian Bonds shot a new scene for NakedSword.


Trey Turner, Sean Duran, Osiris Blade, and Scott Riley on the set of Raw Fuck Club.


Hot porn couple Aleks Buldocek and Jonah Fontana filmed a new scene for Colby’s Crew, and they also made a shout out video for QueerPig!

Shotout from Aleks Buldocek and Jonah Fontana


Diego Summers and Ronny took some selfies on the set of FuckerMate.


SkynMen shot some new bareback videos with Alessio Romero, Max Cameron, Brendan Phillips, Ray Diesel, Brendan Patrick, and Stephen Harte.


Hot porn models Hugh Hunter and Mason Lear are filming new videos for IconMale.

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