Gabriel Clark loves to pile drive a hot ass, so it was normal that this was how the two would ready up to shoot. Gabriel did such a good job at opening Alexy Tyler’s ass up on the lounge chair and against the guardrail, that when he plowed into Alexy’s ass on the deck floor it went in like a breeze. We could see that Alexy was getting close. So, Gabriel laid him flat down on the floor and continued to fuck his bottom boy, talking dirty to him as he was getting closer and closer to shoot. This took Alexy over the edge. With Gabriel’s cock still in his ass, he released a nice thick load. Gabriel didn’t waste time and started sucking on his Alexy’s now spent but very sensitive dick, lapping up his mate’s white jizz.

Gabriel then went back to pile driving Alexy’s ass to get himself ready to shoot. Once he pulled out, he knelt down and shot another one of his notoriously huge loads in Alexy’s face, mouth, and tongue, and well beyond his head. Alexy returned the favour of sucking his partner’s knob. They then kissed and swapped the oozing cum out of each other’s mouths.

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Watch Alexy and Gabriel fuck at Men of Montreal


Watch Alexy and Gabriel fuck at Men of Montreal

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