Skippy Baxter


We all thought we had seen the last of Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter‘s fuck marathons but we were wrong. This is extra footage that was taken from a Personalised Video for a customer, which is why Rogan was wearing a rubber in the film. Usually Skippy’s ass makes Rogan cum a lot quicker but because he was using a rubber he could last much, MUCH longer and they took advantage of it till both Rogan’s cock and Skippy’s ass were rubbed raw!

Now that Skippy Baxter has had to stop shooting porn, its sentimental to end the popular and sexy SKIPPY BAXTER SEX TAPES with the first one ever filmed. Even though this is volume two it’s actually the first time Rogan Richards turned his camera onto a young and bright eyed Skippy. At the end you hear Rogan say, “And not for public viewing…” as Skippy hadn’t agreed to letting him post it up but then Skip buts in with, “Yet.”

Rogan Richards‘ fans have witnessed the rise and fall of Skippy Baxter and the rise again. You were there when the first photos started being posted up on instagram, then the films, then the live shows. You saw Skip fall into his meth addiction and the vicious fight to bring him out. This is the last of two films Rogan and he shot together. It’s a sweet look back at where it all began, gagging on Rogan’s fat cock.

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