Rogan Richards


The first thing you notice when Rogan Richards enters the room is his massive bulk and quickly after his ripe Alpha smell. When he is in a room with a SUB he is in complete control. If he wants you to gag on his fat cock, you will. If he wants to shove your face into his filthy pits, he will. If he wants to make you chew on his thick tits and bulging nipples, he will. And when he wants to own your ass, he will.

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In Grin part two Rogan Richards pumps his cock up even thicker so that he makes Leo Grin chuck up from face fucking him so hard and deep. (Something Rogan loves doing.) Then drills the cum outta Leo before making the Cub lick his balls and jack his meat off as he flexes and … introduces the KONG LOAD! It’s this new way Rogan makes himself cum, by beating his thick pecs as hard as he can like King Kong.

When a guy says he wants to meet Rogan Richards at a public park and let him film them fucking Rogan jumps at the chance. Rogan loves fucking guys in public places or ‘beats’ but it’s a lot harder getting them to agree to let him film them. It’s the middle of the day, boiling hot, in the bushes, perfect for Rogan to be the savage beast you love watching him be. During filming there were about 5 different guys watching in the bushes but Rogan couldn’t film them without scaring them away so he just let them enjoy the show. Now you can too…

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