Colby’s Crew


Once William Moore is done mouthing his hunky partner’s thick cock, William moves into position so he can ride Colby Jansen’s hunky meat. The guys are really getting into the mood while William is bouncing up and down off of Colby’s cock. Colby begins to pound his boytoy more and more aggressively, and William rides harder, groaning with lust. After fucking the kid from every angle, Colby gets him on all fours and moves in to give him a rim job. William is in pig heaven.

In this new Colby’s Crew video, William Moore’s cock is the first to be unwrapped. Hard as a rock, Teddy Torres moves in swarming the stiff curved piece of meat with his lips and throat. By now, our hairy jock is stroking his own piece of flesh while sucking the kid even more. Eventually, he draws his valet’s legs closer to the edge of the bed, raises them and plunges head first into the kid’s hairless butt hole. Then, William kneels forward and swallows Teddy cockring strapped thick pole.

Mick Stallone gets on his knees and sucks passionately on Colby Jansen’s stiff curved cock. Mick’s talented abilities as a cocksucker are garnering quite the favor as Colby moans more and more with encouragement. But, not wanting to be outdone, Colby shifts position and now takes on the role of the consummate cocksucker. Minutes pass and the heat in the rooms rises, the air thickens and our sex-starved duo can’t get enough of each other. Colby then straddles both sides of the tub while Mick sits in the water so his face is eye-to-eye with Colby’s hairy round butthole. Mick rims away!

Colby Jansen’s head is bopping up and down, sucking with gusto on the raging hard-on between the abslucious jock legs. Skyy Knox turns and gives Colby a site he can’t keep away from. He dives deep into the stud’s ass, lapping and sucking feverishly while jacking his own cock. Colby then moves in for the pounding he’s been warming up for. Skyy may be stranded, but his butthole has found the assistance it needs. He just can’t spread his legs wide enough.

Cory Kane unveils a stiffening and sizeable cock that leaves a definite impression on Colby Jansen. The game abruptly stops and their lips connect. After a brief kiss off, Colby goes down on the young Cory’s now massive uncut boner. Colby seems impressed, and hungry. He’s developing a clear liking for the monster cock he’s blowing, chowing down on it from every angle. Cory finally gets a taste of his older buddy’s stiff appendage.

Zac Hunter is in bliss as he appreciates his elder’s talented cocksucking technique. Colby Jansen pauses to take off his shirt and down another shot. Zac then reciprocates and shows Colby that he’s no slug when it comes to sucking dick. He positions Zac’s butt across the bar, high in the air, giving his tongue clear access to the youthful bubble butt before him. Colby does it again. He gets his young protégé all hot and writhing before he lands his cock right between the kid’s cheeks.

Joey D wastes no time in getting his cock-sucking buddy – Brett Dylan – to turn and offer up his butt for a hot tongue lashing. Brett’s hole is getting lubed up and worked up for the impending fuck. He squirms and pants as Joey is spreading his cheeks and prodding his boy’s hole open. Joey is ready to fuck and proposes that they hit the shower. As they move inside, Joey takes his turn at his buddy’s dick, blowing Brett’s stiff tool.

Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler manhandle the Abe Andrews, tearing off his jeans, hitting his butt hard and getting him to suck some serious man cock. While he’s sucking on Colby’s stiff boner, Jaxton strips down and starts fucking his stepson’s burning red marked ass. Drawn into servitude, Abe doesn’t seem to mind his predicament all that much. In the face of harsh name calling and a hard fuck, he sucks admirably. No whimpers, no squealing, just plain and simple gagging on a hard cock while his ass gets firmly busted. This incestuous affair is getting intense. There’s no letting up. He sucks, he gets fucked, he gags bopping back and forth. The bosses then move in on each side of Abe’s face, getting him to swap cocks from left to right. Verbal abuse and name calling only seem to add to the little devil’s determined effort.

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