Ben Masters


Ben Masters gets a sample of Sean Zevran‘s muscles visually and on top of him as well as the feel of Sean’s cock grinding in his crack. Finally after considerable begging Ben gets deep-dicked by Sean and does his best to use his ass on his cock. But Sean is in charge lifting and holding Ben by the neck and wrapping his arms around him tightly as he power drills his ass. He’s so deep inside Ben that Sean flips him over to ride his cock without skipping a beat.

CockyBoys presents the first filmed scene of the studio’s new exclusive, Ben Masters. Ben is a native California Beach boy & free spirit with a vivacious and carefree personality. So pairing him with “Fan Favorite” Justin Matthews was a no brainer. Justin charmed us all with his mesmerizing eye twinkle, athletic body and quiet, forceful personality since he debuted in Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love. Ben was hioping for Justin to take control and right from the start, he is not disappointed.

CockyBoys presents a brand new feature series, Before The Afterglow. This series celebrates the special intimate interactions that you have with that special partner and being vocal about what pleases you. Being vocal about likes, dislikes and what you really, really like ensures unexpected sensual orgasmic pleasures that can be extraordinary. Come enjoy Calvin Banks and new exclusive, Ben Masters, as they explore each other while aiming for heightened planes of pleasure.

Cameron Parks can’t take his cock sucker off the wonderful work of art and goes in balls beep gagging on his golden boy’s gorgeous groin. Ben Masters makes magic with his warm mouth on Cameron’s magnificent member, working the wide wand with a hot handy-BJ combo that’ll make you drool. Cam knows Ben’s bubble butt is craving attention, tongue, fingers and COCK! He plays with the perfectly round rump as our cameras go in deep right along with him. Masters arches his beautifully muscled back like a dog in heat as his happy hole gets licked and probed by Cam’s long fingers before he needs something more sizable.

Ben Masters‘ body is in spank bank perfection from years of dance discipline and Josh Brady acknowledges every inch of it, from hole to pole. Ben consumes Josh’s gigantic jock like the beautiful, bone hungry bottom he is. Brady teases the tall twink’s tasty tush a bit more before Masters moans for his manhole to be filled. Josh takes advantage of his fuck boy’s flexibility, spreading and stretching the kid’s hungry sex hole. Ben uses his dance background to the fullest which is a dick dripping, delicious feast for the eyes. He holds his ankles in the air, fully split and open accepting every hard inch from Brady till both boys blow their wads.

Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben’s sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton’s ample appendage.

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