, Drill My Hole, Dylan Knight, Will Braun
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Hung bottom Dylan Knight gets fucked by Will Braun in “The Sitter, Part 1”

Will Braun is home from college and needs to make some easy money. There is nothing easier than babysitting, but while the parents are away, the sitter will play. Will gets a call from Dylan Knight and he would be crazy to turn him away, so he invites him over to his neighbor’s house to...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Will Braun, Diego Sans, Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Damien Crosse & more has just updated its website with 7 new trailers! The studio has new episodes coming from Stealth Fuckers, My Neighbor’s Son, The Sitter and Sweet Dreams. They are also releasing the second episode of “The Next Men Exclusive” starring Diego Sans, who is competing for an exclusive contract. Diego fucks MEN exclusive Will Braun in...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Landon Mycles, Alex Mecum, Aquiles Paris, Trenton Ducati, Malek Tobias, Tony Milan & more‘s “Upcoming Scenes” page has just been updated and here are all the videos we are going to see in the next few weeks. The biggest news is that MEN has probably signed Landon Mycles a.k.a. Marcus Mojo as the studio’s new exclusive, because he gets fucked by Jimmy Fanz in “The Next Men Exclusive, Part 1” on...see more, Will Braun, Drill My Hole, Bennett Anthony
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Ginger MEN exclusive Bennett Anthony gets fucked by Will Braun at Drill My Hole

Will Braun is looking to be a houseboy so he shows up to the house to see if there are any openings. Bennett Anthony is the maintenance man in charge of the home, but knowing no one is around he decides to cool off with a swim. Will catches him in the pool and Bennett...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Alex Mecum, Scott Riley, Flex, Damien Crosse, Diego Sans, Aspen, Letterio & more

Wow! has just added 17 new trailers to its upcoming videos page, so get yourself ready for a very hot September! We get new episodes from The Real Houseboys of WeHo, Stepbrothers, The Hunt, Straight Man’s Whore, The In-Laws, Reply All and a brand new Alter Sin series called “Another Life!” Scroll down and click...see more

Top To Bottom,, Will Braun, Christian Wilde
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Will Braun bottoms for the first time and takes Christian Wilde’s big cock

The wait is finally over! Will Braun gets his virgin hole fucked for the first time in‘s new Top To Bottom scene also starring gay porn star Christian Wilde! The tattooed top has a big dick, but Will takes it like a champ, and I’m sure his fans will like his bottoming debut playing...see more

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Coming Soon on Alex Mecum, Landon Mycles, Alex Lebue, Scott Riley, Will Braun, Christian Wilde & more

The most updated gay porn site on the internet, has some new trailer for you and a few surprises! Will Braun makes his bottoming debut on 28th August with Christian Wilde! Landon Mycles returns to gay porn on 2nd September and fucks Brenner Bolton in “Lustful.” Alex Mecum makes his first appearance on the website in the...see more

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Former Sean Cody model Dennis a.k.a. Dennis West bottoms for Will Braun

Former Sean Cody model Dennis a.k.a. Dennis West makes his debut in the second episode of Drill My Hole’s new series “My Mom’s New Husband.” Will Braun has found out that his mom’s new husband, Dennis West, has been keeping a secret. Will is no fool and knows that Dennis will do anything to keep...see more

Drill My Hole,, Will Braun, Brenner Bolton
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Power bottom Brenner Bolton gets fucked by Will Braun in “Fucked at First Sight, Part 1”

Two models are paired up based on personality and sexual compatibility. This week Will Braun is paired with Brenner Bolton. Will is more reserved and needs an experienced bottom to bring out his aggressive side, and who is more experienced than Brenner? Will fucks Brenner’s tight ass just how he liked it, and then the...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber, Dennis West, Letterio, Christian Wilde & more has just updated its “Upcoming Scenes” page, and they have some very hot scene lined up for us! “Gay of Thrones” Season 2 premieres on 3rd July, but we’ll also get some new porn series like My Mom’s New Husband, Fucked At First Sight, Scared Str8 as well as new episode from Not Brothers Yet, Runaway...see more

Drill My Hole,, Johnny Hazzard, Will Braun
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Johnny Hazzard gets his hole fucked by Will Braun in “Ass Bandit, Part 2” at Drill My Hole

In the second episode of Drill My Hole‘s “Ass Bandit,” Will Braun returns to the scene after receiving a note left by “Jack.” To his surprise, he is confronted by the sexy Johnny Hazzard who has given him specific instruction to fuck him, and Will takes full advantage. Will fucks Johnny’s face as he touches...see more

Drill My Hole,, Jack Radley, Will Braun
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Will Braun plows Jack Radley’s hole in “Ass Bandit, Part 1” at Drill My Hole

In Drill My Hole‘s new series “Ass Bandit,” Will Braun is living the life as a burglar, but he finds himself trapped when Jack Radley and his boyfriend come home unexpected. Will is discovered but Jack doesn’t skip a beat and decides to take full advantage of this sexy, masked intruder. Within seconds Jack has...see more

Drill My Hole,, Will Braun, Adam Herst
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Will Braun tops Adam Herst in “Son Swap, Part 6” at Drill My Hole

Will Braun finally arrives in Malibu to meet up with his father and hang out with his dad’s old college buddy, Adam Herst. When Will arrives, he politely introduces himself, but says he is in need of a shower. Adam, being the welcoming host that he is, shows Will to the shower and to conserve...see more, Drill My Hole, Will Braun, Nicoli Cole
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Will Braun tops Nicoli Cole in Drill My Hole’s “Pride LA”

Nicoli Cole is in WEHO for pride, but is a little lost finding his hotel. Luckily Will Braun sees that he may need some help and offers to walk him to his hotel room. Once inside that “it’s pride” feeling hits these two young stud and they start to really enjoy themselves with a passionate...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Diego Sans, Aspen, Rocco Steele, Colby Jansen, Luke Adams, Will Braun & more

The internet’s most updated gay porn site, heats up the summer with some new trailers! The studio’s “Upcoming Scenes” page has just been updated with new releases, so let’s see what the studio has in store for us. We get new episodes from Swipe, Serial Fucker, Eat Pray Fuck, Freaky Friday, Son Swap and a brand...see more