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Valentin Petrov and Vander creampie each other’s holes at ChaosMen

ChaosMen‘s new bareback scene – starring Valentin Petrov and Vander – is a long video as these guys take their time pleasing each other. They actually get down to fucking fairly quickly as eating Valentin’s ass turned Vander on so much, he couldn’t help but fuck his ass. Ass to mouth action was something both...see more

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Hairy bottom Vander takes a raw pounding from Tegan at ChaosMen

For the Pure videos, ChaosMen is usually looking for the guys to be able to pull of some sensual passion. Given how great Tegan did at his oral video, the studio knew he could jump right in and have crazy hot sex with Vander. It was asking a lot of him for his very first video, but...see more

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Vander takes Pax’s thick cock bareback at ChaosMen

One of my favourite ChaosMen models, Vander like it rough and no cock has been too big for him. His scene partner Pax has a nice thick dick and he tends to fuck slow, because he is worried that he is going to hurt his partner, so that’s why Vander is a perfect scene partner for him! The...see more

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Vander and Griffin fuck each other bareback at ChaosMen

ChaosMen has just released a new director’s cut video starring fa-favourite Vander and Griffin! There’s instant chemistry between these two, and with Griffin cool with some piss action, they really go wild! From sticky wetness, rimming, kissing, and a lot of ass to mouth action, there is so much packed into this one video! This...see more

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Vander gets his hairy ass barebacked by Sage at ChaosMen

Sage like to have his body worshiped, and LOVES having his cock sucked. He tends to fuck like jack-hammer he actually fucks the cum out of Vander, leaving him quite happy. Sage has such a domineering “Suck my cock and eat my load” vibe about him, that ChaosMen opted for a facial. He literally shoots his load in under...see more

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Jeremy fucks the cum out of Vander at ChaosMen

I believe this is Jeremy’s first time fucking a dude. He sure acted like this was going to be a stretch for him. Vander works Jeremy completely over and blithely takes charge while Jeremy looks rather uncomfortable, though Jeremy thoroughly enjoys having his dick sucked, and his uncertainty changes to amazement. Vander switches from sucking...see more

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Watch Aries, Bay, Glenn and Vander fuck bareback at ChaosMen!

This is Bay’s first full-sex film. He was very eager to dive right in and start with a group scene. He loves group sex, and if you have been watching his videos, clearly the boy has some awesome dirty boy energy going on. I had paired him up with Vander, because he seemed pretty eager...see more

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Billy Santoro signs with and bottoms for Vander at ChaosMen PURE

  I’ve just received an email from announcing the signing of openly gay and versatile newcomer, Billy Santoro! Billy’s first MEN scenes are a 3 part series called Boy Ranch. The first two scenes are Drill My Hole, and the final is a Jizz Orgy. It’s hot stuff and features some other models who are...see more

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Vander makes Jet cum 7 times at ChaosMen

WOW! Have you seen the new ChaosMen video? Jet busts a nut 7 times and you can see a total of 8 cumshots in this new update!!!! Vander and Jet start by jerking off, and Vander quickly moves on to blowing Jet. Jet cums right away, and if you stay tuned till the end, you...see more

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Glenn creampies Vander’s hole at ChaosMen RAW

Vander starts by massaging Glenn’s feet, giving foot lovers a lovely show of his feet. He moves around to his shoulders, brushing his hard cock close to Glenn’s any frisky massage therapist would. Glenn tentatively reaches out to rub Vander’s cock through his underwear. Vander pulls down his shorts, releasing his growing cock. Glenn...see more

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Aries, Solomon and Vander have hot bareback sex at ChaosMen

Aries is super bossy, loves to Top, and though Vander is versatile, he really does get rock hard when he is getting fucked. Aries could easily fuck the two boys the entire shoot if need be. The Director’s Cut has an extra minute of “fetish” activity, so if you don’t enjoy a golden showers, view...see more

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Ace (aka Adam Wirthmore) and Vander fuck each other raw at ChaosMen

‘Ace’ (aka Adam Wirthmore) and Vander had been seeing each other for many months. They have been doing the whole long-distance relationship thing. They start off in the shower with Ace obviously hungry to get Vander’s cock down the back of his throat. Vander is hungry for Ace’s hole, and eats him till he is...see more

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Bentley fucks Vander bareback at ChaosMen

It’s MONSTER COCK WEEK at ChaosMen! Bentley and Vander both have big cocks, but Vander is a great bottom, so he doesn’t want to miss the chance to ride Bentley’s thick dick. This video is also Bentley’s first time sucking a cock and kissing another guy!!! Vander finally climbs on top of Bentley, slowly sliding...see more

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Vander fucks Carmine’s hole at ChaosMen

ChaosMen fan favorite Vander pounds Carmine’s tight hole in the latest video update. Vander gets Carmine down on the ground doggy-style and fucks the heck out of him. They take a break and Carmine sucks on Vander’s ass-soaked cock while Vander talks dirty in Carmine’s ear. Vander squirts once on his hole, then pumps the...see more

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Gavin Sevin fucks Vander at ChaosMen

Woof! Look at these hot muscle guys in the new ChaosMen video. This time Gavin Sevin fucks Vander raw! First Gavin stuffs a dildo in Vander’s butt, then he pulls it out and replaces it with his own cock. Vander rides Gavin’s cock, and he likes it a lot! I believe this is Gavin’s first...see more