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Rocco Reed gets fucked by Tony Paradise in Str8 To Gay’s “Awkward Run-In”

Rocco Reed and Tony Paradise have a bit of history together, and it’s one that Tony would like to forget. Rocco, on the other hand thinks about it all the time and wants another go. In the end everyone wins and Rocco gets pounded by that thick straight cock until both studs shoot their loads!...see more

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Tony Paradise bottoms for Tyler Hunt in Drill My Hole’s “Lawful Entry”

Straight “top only” model Tony Paradise bottomed for the first time in “Top To Bottom 1” for exclusive Colby Jansen. In Drill My Hole‘s new video “Lawful Entry,” Tony gets his ass fucked again, but this time his partner is Tyler Hunt, who gives him a deeper and harder ass pounding! Make sure you...see more

Gay Porn NewsGay Porn Stars’s June video updates are going to be very hot!

Get ready for a very hot June, because has some amazing scenes coming next month! Make sure you click on the photos to watch the trailers. Don’t forget that I have a HUGE DISCOUNT for Queer Pig readers! You can get 33% OFF of your membership if you follow THIS LINK! has daily video updates with...see more

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Tony Paradise bottoms for Colby Jansen in Drill My Hole’s “Top to Bottom 1”

Tony Paradise is the first “top only” performer getting fucked for the first time on camera in‘s new series “Top to Bottom.” For the first time ever, he bends over and takes Colby Jansen‘s rock hard dick all the way in his virgin hole. Colby is a perfect top to work his way into...see more

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Coming this Thursday – Tony Paradise bottoms for the first time on camera!!!

This Thursday mega porn site has a scene that will be somewhat epic for Tony Paradise fans. It’s called “Top to Bottom, Part 1” where Tony does something we thought would never happen: he gets fucked for the first time on camera by MEN exclusive Colby Jansen! “Top to Bottom, Part 2” comes out...see more

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Rocco Reed & Johnny Rapid bottom for Tony Paradise, Charlie Harding & Jack King in Jizz Orgy’s “Tops Only Required”

You’re going to love the latest Jizz Orgy video “Tops Only Required!” It stars exclusives Rocco Reed (watch out for his upcoming gang bang scene) and Johnny Rapid getting fucked by 3 hung tops: Jack King, Charlie Harding and Tony Paradise, who bottoms for Colby Jansen in an upcoming MEN video (click for details)....see more

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Rocco Reed gets gang-banged & Tony Paradise bottoms for the first time!!! [TRAILER]

Mega porn site has just published the May schedule and it’s full with hot scenes! There are some very big updates coming on the site. First of all, one of the most popular MEN exclusive Rocco Reed gets gang-banged by Lawson Kane, Castro Supreme, Paulo Thiago and Brett Johnson in “Rocco’s Fantasy” by MEN’s...see more

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Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Tony Paradise in Str8 To Gay’s “Comparing Dick Size”

Muscle man Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Tony Paradise in Str8 To Gay‘s new video “Comparing Dick Size!” Marcus and Tony are working out in the gym, and after that they compare muscles…and dick sizes! But what to do when they are all naked…hmm..they suck each others cocks and Marcus gets fucked hard!...see more

Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 10.51.07 AM 1
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Drill My Hole – Repo Man: Tony Paradise fucks Liam Russo

Tony Paradise – a repo man – breaks into Liam Russo‘s house to take his TV, but Liam gets home early and he is very angry. Tony is the bigger guy, so he gets Liam down on the ground easily, then he forces his cock into his mouth. Anger turns into passion and Liam starts...see more

FuckedBySecurityDMH (10)
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Drill My Hole – Fucked By Security: Tony Paradise fucks Bryce Star

Bryce Star is in his car talking on his phone until security guy Tony Paradise shows up, because Bryce is not allowed to park there. He tries to get Bryce to go away, but he is still on phone ignoring Tony. He gets mad, grabs Bryce and pulls him out of his car then stuffs...see more

OopsSTG (7)
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Str8 To Gay – Oops: Tony Paradise fucks Jessie Colter

When Tony Paradise arrives to his buddy’s house, he can’t find Jessie’s brother, so he starts looking around the house for Jessie Colter. He finds Jessie in the bedroom, but he is watching gay porn and jacking off his cock. He has never seen anything like that before, so he asks if he could sit next...see more

SebastianKeysGangBang (8)
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Jizz Orgy – Sebastian Keys Gang Bang: Rafael Alencar, Johnny Rapid, Tony Paradise, Spencer Fox, Sebastian Keys

Sebastian Keys is in the locker room getting ready for his work out when a gang of guys – Rafael Alencar, Johnny Rapid, Tony Paradise – come in and start to bully him. They strip down Sebastian, and fuck his face. The guys then take turns fucking his ass and even do some double penetration, then...see more

JohnnyRapidGangBang (19)
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Jizz Orgy – Johnny Rapid Gang Bang: Johnny Rapid,Tony Paradise, Sebastian Young, Luca & Liam Rosso

Johnny Rapid is the resident brat at that guys enjoy fucking but here he’s the naive guy who gets duped into going on a nighttime “snipe hunt” by his buddies Tony Paradise, Sebastian Young, and Luca & Liam Rosso. Johnny gets a right a runs back toi the cabin they’re renting and gets tickled...see more

RossoTwinsGangBangJIZZORGY (9)
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Jizz Orgy – Liam and Luca Rosso Gang Bang: Tony Paradise, Sebastian Young, Hayden Richards, Aaron Anderson

The running team gets the news that they’re out of the regional competition because the Liam and Luca Rosso were late a couple times. The other guys are pretty upset about the news so they take their frustration out on two identical asses....see more

OnTheSetJIZZORGY (13:)
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Jizz Orgy – On The Set: Tyler Sweet, Spencer Fox, Tony Paradise, Sebastian Keyes, Brad Foxx

Tony Paradise hires a couple of new camera guys to shoot the action in gay flick. As things heat up it’s only natural that the everyone joins in! Tyler Sweet gets banged by four hot tops: Spencer Fox, Tony Paradise, Sebastian Keyes and newcomer Brad Foxx....see more