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Power top Rogan Richards dominates Isaac Eliad’s hole at HardKinks

Australian gay porn star Rogan Richards is back at HardKinks! This time he has Isaac Eliad as scene partner and the power top enjoys every second of the action. Isaac gets his hole dominated by the master…his existence is based solely to satisfy his powerful owner’s vices and sex fetishes. Watch Rogan and Isaac fuck at...see more

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Casting News: Rogan Richards, Isaac Eliad, Colby Keller, Levi Karter, Logan Moore, Trenton Ducati & more

Hairy muscle beast Rogan Richards is in Spain right now, and he filmed a new Hard Kinks video with Isaac Eliad! Rogan is also working hard on his website that will launch later this year. He posted some sneak peek videos on his Tumblr, including a sex scene with Skippy Baxter! Don’t forget to follow @roganrichards...see more

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Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber & Skippy Baxter dancing on set 😂

My favourite gay porn couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are having a great time in Australia! These hot men had a fun photo shoot with Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter. Just watch the video above and tell me that you don’t want to hang out with these guys! The couple has been very busy Down Under doing...see more

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Casting News: Bryce Evans, Sebastian Young, Dirk Caber, Camille Kenzo, Jimmy Durano, Rogan Richards & more

I’ve already showed you dozens of behind the scenes photos (see them here and here) from the set of Lucas Entertainment’s upcoming bareback movies filming in Florida, but I have more! Check out these hot photos of Bryce Evans, Dylan James, Sebastian Young, Sergent Miles, Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross! A video posted by Michael...see more

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Casting News: Armando De Armas, Logan Moore, Martin Mazza, Max Toro, Aquiles Paris, Jacob Ladder & more

Raging Stallion tweeted some new behind the scenes photos from the set of the studio’s upcoming movie called “Foreskin Mafia!” You can see Armando De Armas, Logan Moore and Boomer Banks in the photos below. Yesterday, I showed you two bts videos, so make sure you watch them too!   Huge thanks to Martin Mazza for sending me...see more

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Pump your muscles with gay porn star Rogan Richards [VIDEOS]

It’s no secret that Australian gay porn star Rogan Richards has one of the best bodies in porn. On his Youtube channel he has shared many workout videos, and if you want to have muscle like THE FLEX, you should better follow his advices! Scroll down to watch Rogan workout and show off his pumped body....see more

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Rogan Richards – Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers! One of my favourite porn stars happens to be a hot Australian muscle man, Rogan Richards, and he has just posted some hot photos on Twitter! Last year, Rogan was one of the most popular gay porn stars here on QueerPig.com, and I can’t wait to see what’s...see more

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Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn News & Videos of 2014

Yesterday, I published Queer Pig’s ‘Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2014,’ and as I promised, here is the Top 10 list of the most viewed gay porn news and videos in 2014 based on my website’s stats! What was your favourite gay porn moment or gay porn scene in 2014? Let me know in...see more

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Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2014

Just like I did last year, I’ve checked my site’s statistics, and collected the top 10 most searched for gay porn stars of 2014! We have some really hot men on this list, and I’m glad to see that 4 guys who made the top 10 in 2013 are on this year’s list as well. Congratulations to...see more

Raging Stallion - Paco, Rogan Richards
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Rogan Richards and Paco have rough sex in “The Tourist” at Raging Stallion

If you are into hairy muscle men you are going to love the latest scene from Raging Stallion’s hot movie “The Tourist!” One of the hottest power tops in the gay porn industry, Rogan Richards pounds Paco’s hairy hole. They drop to the ground and fuck two ways on an old mattress until Paco sprays his...see more

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Rogan Richards tops Denis Vega in Drill My Hole’s “Men in Ibiza, Part 6” + SAVE 33%

In just 5 days studios have released 3 new videos with sexy power top Rogan Richards, and one of them was a bottoming scene (click here to watch it)! In Part 6 of one of MEN.com’s most popular summer series “Men In Ibiza,” this hairy muscle man fucks Spanish stud Denis Vega! The video is very...see more

Rogan Richards and Abraham Al Malek - Raging Stallion "The Tourist"
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Rogan Richards pounds Abraham Al Malek in “The Tourist” at Raging Stallion

My “Performer of the Week” award goes to Rogan Richards, and if you’ve seen his new bottoming video (watch it here) you’ll understand why I choose him. Also, his scene from Raging Stallion‘s new movie “The Tourist” has just come out! This movie got an almost perfect review score from the Grabbys, and they are right,...see more

Rogan Richards and Hunter Marx - TitanMen
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Power top Rogan Richards bottoms for Hunter Marx in “Day Into Night” at TitanMen

Wow..that was fast! I thought TitanMen is going to save the best for last, but they have just released Rogan Richards‘ bottoming scene, which also starts the studio’s hot exclusive, Hunter Marx. This is Rogan’s second time getting fucked on camera (his first time was for Dirty Tony), but it’s been a while since we saw this power...see more

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BREAKING: Rogan Richards gets fucked by Hunter Marx in TitanMen’s “Day Into Night”

We all thought that we would never see Australian power top Rogan Richards bottom again, but we were wrong! TitanMen has just released the trailer of their upcoming movie “Day Into Night,” and I was surprised to see the Rogan Richards gets fucked by the studio’s hot exclusive, Hunter Marx!!!! The movie also stars Dario Beck, Alex Graham,...see more