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Coming Soon at MEN: Will Braun, Diego Sans, Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Damien Crosse & more has just updated its website with 7 new trailers! The studio has new episodes coming from Stealth Fuckers, My Neighbor’s Son, The Sitter and Sweet Dreams. They are also releasing the second episode of “The Next Men Exclusive” starring Diego Sans, who is competing for an exclusive contract. Diego fucks MEN exclusive Will Braun in...see more, Str8 To Gay, Garrett Cooper, Jack Radley, Rafael Alencar
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Garrett Cooper & Jack Radley take turns riding Rafael Alencar’s big cock in “Rumspringa, Part 3”

In episode 3 of Str8 To Gay‘s “Rumspringa,” Garrett Cooper and Jack Radley‘s time is coming to an end, but not before one last fling! The two Amish boys bump into Rafael Alencar, and offer him a their perfect, young butts. Rafael brings the boys back to his place where they take turns getting their...see more

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Coming Soon on Alex Mecum, Landon Mycles, Alex Lebue, Scott Riley, Will Braun, Christian Wilde & more

The most updated gay porn site on the internet, has some new trailer for you and a few surprises! Will Braun makes his bottoming debut on 28th August with Christian Wilde! Landon Mycles returns to gay porn on 2nd September and fucks Brenner Bolton in “Lustful.” Alex Mecum makes his first appearance on the website in the...see more

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Power top Rafael Alencar pounds Dimitri Kane’s hole in “My Mom’s New Husband, Part 2”

Dimitri Kane‘s new stepdad, Rafael Alencar, accidently walks in on Dimitri masturbating and likes what he sees. After lingering just a little too long, Dimitri finally tells him to leave, and then he goes back to stroking his nice cock. Rafael moves just around the corner, waiting for the right moment to give his new...see more, Jizz Orgy,Rafael Alencar, Colby Jansen,Ricky Decker,Nicoli Cole,Seth Santoro
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Rafael Alencar, Colby Jansen, Ricky Decker, Nicoli Cole & Seth Santoro have a huge orgy in “Runaway, Part 4”

You don’t want to miss the finale of‘s hot series called “Runaway.” This group sex scene stars Nicoli Cole, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen, Seth Santoro, and Rafael Alencar. These hot men take turns sucking and fucking until all five studs are dripping in jizz. Enjoy this hot orgy! Special Offer! 33% OFF Follow THIS...see more

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Coming Soon on Killian James, Casey More, Theo Ford, Dennis West, Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber & more has just uploaded the trailers of all the videos coming in July! I’m very excited about the studio’s first co-production – “Biggest Catch” – with NakedSword, because NS exclusive Killian James has a hot scene with Casey More. Also, you don’t want to miss the finale of “Gay of Thrones” Season 2 starring Dennis West...see more, Str8 To Gay, Garrett Cooper, Rafael Alencar
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Rafael Alencar power fucks Garrett Cooper in Str8 To Gay’s “Scared Str8, Part 1”

Garrett Cooper gets himself tossed in jail, making him fresh meat to his fellow horny inmates. Rafael Alencar offers Garrett a way out. In exchange for protection, Garrett agrees to be Rafael’s prison bitch and to take good care of his massive cock whenever he has the urge to blow his load. Enjoy this hot...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Jessy Ares, JP Dubois, Colby Jansen, Ricky Decker, Dennis West, Bennett Anthony has just updated its “Upcoming Scenes” page, and they have some very hot videos coming including a big orgy starring Colby Jansen, Nicoli Cole, Rafael Alencar, Ricky Decker and Seth Santoro. You can also watch the trailer of “Gay of Thrones, Part 7” featuring JP Dubois and Jessy Ares. We also get new episodes from Mormon Undercover, My Mom’s New Husband and Fucked at First Sight....see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber, Dennis West, Letterio, Christian Wilde & more has just updated its “Upcoming Scenes” page, and they have some very hot scene lined up for us! “Gay of Thrones” Season 2 premieres on 3rd July, but we’ll also get some new porn series like My Mom’s New Husband, Fucked At First Sight, Scared Str8 as well as new episode from Not Brothers Yet, Runaway...see more

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Sergeant Miles takes Rafael Alencar’s huge cock in “Dr. Anal” at Drill My Hole

Don’t miss Sergeant Miles‘ debut on in the studio’s new Drill My Hole video called “Dr. Anal!” Sergeant’s scene partner is one of the most popular power tops in the gay porn industry: Rafael Alencar! He shows Sergeant what a big dick really feels like as he fucks his tight hole, stretching him out with his...see more

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Rafael Alencar & Roman Todd top Brenner Bolton & Seth Santoro in “The Godfather, Part 4”‘s hot gay porn series “The Godfather” ends today with a big orgy scene! Brenner Bolton, Seth Santoro, and Roman Todd all show their loyalty to The Godfather, Rafael Alencar, the best way they know how. They all suck and fuck, shooting loads of hot jizz all over. Don’t miss this hot Jizz Orgy video! Special...see more, Drill My Hole, Brenner Bolton, Rafael Alencar
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Brenner Bolton rides Rafael Alencar’s massive cock in “The Godfather, Part 3” + SAVE 33%

Rafael Alencar receives some upsetting news from his nephew, but luckily Brenner Bolton is loyal and willing to do anything to relax “The Godfather.” Rafael takes his frustration out on Brenner’s tight hole, exposing his big muscle-ass with every thrust. The only thing that The Godfather despises is to be disrespected but he simply uses...see more

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Coming soon at MEN: Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar, Dani Robles, Flex, Brenner Bolton & more

As promised, here I bring you the second part of’s upcoming videos, including a new porn series called “Office Dreams” starring Dani Robles, Flex and Logan Moore; and new episodes from Big Bro, Godfather, Ginger, Cross Check, Not Brothers Yet, My Best Friend’s Husband! If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this post, click here...see more, Drill My Hole, Seth Treston, Seth Santoro, Rafael Alencar
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Seth Santoro takes Rafael Alencar’s massive cock in “The Godfather, Part 1” + SAVE 33%

Don’t miss the first episode of Drill My Hole’s new series “The Godfather!” Seth Santoro needs help so he decides to go see The Godfather, Rafael Alencar. The favour comes at a price, because Seth is told to service Rafael’s big, uncut cock. You should also watch Seth and Rafael’s scene in Lucas Entertainment’s “Love and Devotion!” Seth...see more

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Coming soon at MEN: Abraham Al Malek, Rafael Alencar, Vadim Black, Dirk Caber, Colby Jansen & more has just added 7 new video to its Upcoming Scenes page including new scenes from the popular series Not Brothers Yet, and some brand new ones like Big Bro, God Father and The Imposter! I’m also very excited to see Abraham Al Malek’s video with Malek Tobias called “End of the Weekend,” because it’s been a...see more