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Paddy O’Brian power fucks Mark Sanz in Men of UK’s “Naked Promotion”

When Paddy O’Brian decides it’s time for a new assistant, Mark Sanz finds himself in the right place at the right time in Men of UK’s new video called “Naked Promotion.” Mark sucks Paddy’s throbbing cock, but that alone is not enough to land the job. Paddy moves on to plowing Mark’s tight, pink hole...see more

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Coming Soon on Kurt Wild, Scott Riley, Adam Ramzi, Killian James, Colby Jansen & more‘s “Upcoming Scenes” page has just been updated with 10 new videos! Retired power bottom Kurt Wild returns on 6th August, and he bottoms for Aspen in “Scared Str8, Part 3.” Porn newcomer Scott Riley makes his MEN debut in a flip-flop video also starring Johnny Rapid. The studios has some brand new series like Son of...see more

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Behind the scenes of MEN’s “Gay of Thrones” Season 2 [VIDEOS] has just me 5 behind the scenes footages for the studio’s Game of Thrones porn parody called “Gay Of Thrones.” I like watching bts videos, and knowing that this series has been produced by Alter Sin, I’m even more interested! The final episode of season 2 will be released tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss...see more

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Paddy O’Brian sucks Connor Maguire’s cock flip-fucks him in “Gay of Thrones, Part 5”

The second season of‘s Game of Thrones porn parody called “Gay of Thrones” is finally here! Fan of Paddy O’Brian will finally see their favourote porn star sucking another man’s cock, and that lucky guy is Connor Maguire, who also gets to fuck Paddy’s hairy hole. When Paddy bottoms, he gives 100%, because he rides...see more

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Coming Soon at MEN: Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Rapid, Dirk Caber, Dennis West, Letterio, Christian Wilde & more has just updated its “Upcoming Scenes” page, and they have some very hot scene lined up for us! “Gay of Thrones” Season 2 premieres on 3rd July, but we’ll also get some new porn series like My Mom’s New Husband, Fucked At First Sight, Scared Str8 as well as new episode from Not Brothers Yet, Runaway...see more

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Watch the hardcore trailers of Gay of Thrones Parts 5 & 6! has just released the hardcore trailers of “Gay of Thrones” Parts 5 & 6! As you may already know, Paddy O’Brian (Jon Snow) sucks a cock for the first time on camera, and Connor Maguire (Ygritte) is the lucky scene partner! These hot men fuck each other hard in the 5th episode of the...see more

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Watch the softcore trailer of’s “Gay of Thrones Season 2” has just released the software trailer of its upcoming gay porn series “Gay of Thrones Season 2!” As you may already know, Paddy O’Brian sucks a cock for the first time on camera (it’s Connor Maguire‘s big dick) and Johnny Rapid plays a character that everybody loves to hate: Joffrey Baratheon. The second season of the...see more

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Paddy O’Brian sucks a cock for the first time on camera in Gay of Thrones Season 2 [UPDATED]

Your prayers has been answered, because exclusive gay porn star Paddy O’Brian will suck a cock in the second season of the studio’s Game of Thrones porn parody called “Gay of Thrones,” and he plays Jon Snow. If you haven’t seen the first season, click here to watch all the scenes. Paddy started his porn career as...see more, Men of UK, Paddy O'Brian, Blue Moores
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Paddy O’Brian dominates Blue Moores’ ass in “The Professional” at Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian is a very well put together, successful CEO in Men of UK’s new video called “The Professional.” However, like many powerful men, he has a few skeletons in his closet…or should we say sex dungeon. Blue Moores sits patiently caged in said dungeon, just waiting to please Paddy the only way he knows...see more

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Coming soon at MEN: Johnny Rapid weekend, Denis Vega, Flex, Paddy O’Brian, Colby Jansen & more‘s most popular exclusive Johnny Rapid is back! It’s been almost 5 months since the studio released a scene with Johnny, but his fans will be happy to know that MEN will be having a Johnny Rapid weekend from April 30-May 3rd! Yes, you’ll get 4 new scenes including a double penetration, a flip-flop and an...see more

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Paddy O’Brian jackhammers McKensie Cross in “Hard Knox, Part 4” at Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross team up to take down their scumbag boss in Part 4 of Men of UK‘s “Hard Knox.” Their plan succeeds but they still need to seal the deal before they split any money. McKensie starts by sucking Paddy’s fat cock, and then he sticks his butt out just right for...see more

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Prowler Porn Awards 2015 – Winners List [GALLERY]

The Shadow Lounge opens its doors today for the 2nd annual Prowler Porn Awards (starting at 8pm GMT). Gay porn stars from all over the world are in London for the event. Tickets are now sold out, but a live stream is available for porn fans who are not in London right now. The stream will...see more

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Hairy newbie Dakota Vice bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Hard Knox, Part 3” at Men of UK

Hairy newcomer Dakota Vice makes his porn debut in Part 3 of Men of UK’s latest porn series called “Hard Knox.” Dakota’s scene partner is exclusive Paddy O’Brian, who pops the furry bottom’s cherry. Dakota Vice and Paddy O’Brian go back a long way but Dakota never bothered to visit Paddy in prison. Instead, he...see more

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Coming soon at MEN – Jessy Ares, Nick North, Dakota Vice, Allen King, Paddy O’Brian & more has just added 12 new video to its Upcoming Videos page and I can assure you that this month has lots of great scenes! We get new episodes from HIM, #Pornstar, Sex, Lies and Surveillance, My Brother in Law, Not Yet Brothers and The Listener. Jessy Ares owns this month with 4 new videos,...see more

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Alexis Belfort bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Hard Knox, Part 2” at Men of UK

Men of UK’s new gay porn series “Hard Knox” continues with part 2 starring Paddy O’Brian and Alexis Belfort. Paddy is out of prison and meets his old friend Alexis Belfort, who has been waiting anxiously for his release. Paddy takes a hold of Alexis’ cute butt while Alexis goes straight for Paddy’s big dick. Paddy slams...see more