Men of UK, Paddy O'brian, John Hinkel, Tony Milan
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Paddy O’Brian, Tony Milan & John Fink have sex in “Forbidden, Part 3″ at Men of UK

Kick the New Year off right by watching the third episode of Men of UK‘s “Forbidden“series! This hot threesome stars Paddy O’Brian, John Fink and Tony Milan. If you haven’t seen Part 1 and Part 2, make sure you watch them too, because they are fucking hot scenes! Limited Offer! 33% OFF Follow THIS LINK to get 33%

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Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn News & Videos of 2014

Yesterday, I published Queer Pig’s ‘Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2014,’ and as I promised, here is the Top 10 list of the most viewed gay porn news and videos in 2014 based on my website’s stats! What was your favourite gay porn moment or gay porn scene in 2014? Let me know in

Men of UK, Paddy O'Brian, Tony Milan
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Paddy O’Brian fucks hairy bottom Tony Milan in “Forbidden, Part 2″ at Men of UK + SAVE 33%

Hairy bottom Tony Milan makes his debut in the second episode of Men of UK‘s new porn series called “Forbidden.” His scene partner is the studio’s hot exclusive, Paddy O’Brian! Paddy impersonates a priest and takes confessions from the city’s most sexually depraved. His first congregant is Tony Milan, who confesses to who he

Jace Tyler, Paddy O'Brian, Men of UK
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Paddy O’Brian pounds Jace Tyler in “The Abbey, Part 3″ at Men of UK + SAVE 33%

Jace Tyler plays Steven, the youngest son of the master of the Abbey in the third installment of the Abbey series. Steven is a forward thinker and a man about social change, unheard of in the time. He finds a like-minded individual in his driver Tom, played by Paddy O’Brian. Their shared views on the

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Coming soon at MEN – Flex, Jessy Ares, Paddy O’Brian, Jake Bass, Jimmy Fanz, Luke Adams & more

The biggest gay porn site, is ready to start the new year with some very hot videos! The studio has just updated its “Upcoming Videos” page and you should definitely scroll down to see what’s coming Sexy muscle bottom Flex Xtremmo machos MEN debut in “Good Morning Love,” and he flip fucks Denis Vega. Jessy Ares

Men of UK, Matt Anders, Paddy O'Brian
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Porn newbie Matt Anders bottom for Paddy O’Brian in “Forbidden, Part 1″ + SAVE 33%

The “Forbidden” series has Paddy O’Brian once putting on the holy robe and pretending to be a priest. He takes his post in the confessional and is time visited by a non-believer, but someone who just needs to express his feelings. Matt Anders confesses that his boyfriend was not who he thought he was and

Men of Anarchy, Paddy O'Brian, Gabriel Cross
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Paddy O’Brian power fucks Gabriel Cross in “Men of Anarchy, Part 1″+ GET 33% OFF is finally releasing their Sons of Anarchy gay porn parody called “Men of Anarchy!” The tv show has just ended, but don’t worry, because Paddy O’Brian’s motorcycle club will keep you horny! While the MC’s president Paddy and Gabriel Cross are waiting for the rest of the members to get back their stolen stuff from the rival

1-men-of-anarchy-gabriel-cross-paddy-obrian 2
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Coming soon at MEN – Paddy O’Brian, Jake Bass, Luke Adams, Gabriel Cross, Derek Atlas & more

Wow! has some very hot videos coming this month! Members of the site can already see the full list, but for the rest of you I collected some of the must-see scenes. First of all, I’m very excited about the studio’s Sons of Anarchy porn parody “Men of Anarchy” premiering on 12 December. Paddy O’Brian has

Men of Anarchy, Johnny Hazard, Paddy O'Brian, Bennett Anthony
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Men of Anarchy stars Jake Bass, Paddy O’Brian, Bennett Anthony & Johnny Hazzard

Sons of Anarchy is one of my favourite tv series, but there is only 1 episode left from the show. Luckily, is rolling out a gay porn parody called “Men of Anarchy” starring Paddy O’Brian, Johnny Hazzard, Bennett Anthony and Jake Bass, who makes his MEN debut in this series!!! The tattooed porn model has only

Gods of Men, Paddy O'Brian, Goran
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Goran & Paddy O’Brian fuck each other in “X Confession” + “Men of Anarchy” scoop + GET 33% OFF

In Gods of Men‘s new video called “X Confession,” the studio’s hot exclusive model Paddy O’Brian flip-fucks Bulgarian muscle hunk Goran! I’m so glad to see that this is a versatile scene, because it would be a shame to not to feature these guys in both roles. Make sure you watch this hot scene playing exclusively

9-menofuk-the-abbey-alex-garcia-darius-ferdynand 2
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Coming soon at MEN – Paddy O’Brian, Colby Jansen, Jessy Ares, Darius Ferdynand & more has just updated its Upcoming Videos page, and the first week of December is going to be very hot! The studio has new videos coming with Paddy O’Brian, Darius Ferdynand, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Jessy Ares, Theo Ford, Goran and many more! Scroll down for the full list and don’t forget to watch the

Men of UK, Paddy O'Brian, Aitor Bravo
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Aitor Bravo gets his ass drilled by Paddy O’Brian in Men of UK’s “Escaping England”

Sexy bottom Aitor Bravo makes his in the best way possible: getting his ass drilled by the studio’s hot exclusive Paddy O’Brian in Men of UK‘s new video called “Escaping England!” The action is intense and passionate and a bit dirty, at times in a wheelbarrow! Enjoy this hot scene! Limited Offer! 33% OFF

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Coming soon at MEN – John Magnum, Dato Foland, Theo Ford, Jaxton Wheeler, Paddy O’Brian & more has some very hot videos coming in the next few days including new scenes from My Brother in Law, Turn My Son Into a Whore and Executive Suite! You should also watch “Escaping England” starring Paddy O’Brian and Aitor Bravo; and Dato Foland fucking Theo Ford in “Non Surprise!” Scroll down to see a list of the

Men of UK - Paddy O'brian, Theo Ford, Damien Crosse
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Paddy O’Brian pounds Theo Ford while Damien Crosse watches in “Do As I Say” by Men of UK

In Men of UK‘s new video “Do As I Say,” Theo Ford will do what Damien Crosse tells him. For starters, he can get fucked by exclusive porn star, Paddy O’Brian! While Paddy is pounding Theo’s ass, Damien watches the action and jerks off his cock. When the guys are ready to cum, Damien opens his