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Milos Zambo and Mattias Solich take turns fucking Donato Reyes at Kristen Bjorn

We’ve already seen Donato Reyes fucking Mattias Solich and Milos Zambo in Chapter 4 of “The Secret Gift,” now it’s time for him to bottom! In Kristen Bjorn‘s latest update, the handsome Spanish muscle man gets his ass fucked by Milos and Mattias. Don’t miss this hot scene!...see more

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Donato Reyes tops Milos Zambo & Mattias Solich in “The Secret Gift – Chapter 4” at Kristen Bjorn

Check out Chapter 4 of Kristen Bjorn‘s latest movie “The Secret Gift!” The scene starts off with Milos Zambo and Mattias Solich pounding each other in the kitchen, but soon Donato Reyes joins the hot duo, and he take turns fucking these hot muscle men!...see more

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Donato Reyes services Milos Zambo & Mattias Solich in “The Secret Gift” by Kristen Bjorn

The second chapter of Kristen Bjorn‘s new movie “The Secret Gift” is now available to watch online at! This oral scene stars three hot men: Donato Reyes, Milos Zambo & Mattias Solich. Donato services Milos in the shower, then sucks Mattias’ cock in a garage....see more

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Milos Zambo rides Lucas Pribyl’s cock raw in Kristen Bjorn’s “Lover’s Lane #17”

Lucas Pribyl and Milos Zambo head out for a drink at the local pub and find that the alcohol has made them a little horny. They enter into a private lounge and begin undressing each other revealing their amazing muscular bodies. Lucas releases Milos’ hard cock and begins pleasuring him with his hot, hungry mouth....see more

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Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Milos Zambo and Ivo Kerk fuck bareback in Kristen Bjorn’s “Strangers in Prague”

Wow! Kristen Bjorn has just released a new scene from “Strangers in Prague” and it FUCKING HOT! Brazilian boyfriends Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vittoria are joined by Milos Zambo and Ivo Kerk. After sucking each others’ cocks Milos gets barebacked by Ivo, then they switch with the Brazilian couple who fuck each other also bareback style!...see more

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Diesel O’Green gets double fucked by Lucio Saints, Milos Zambo and Abel Pozsar

The second part of Kristen Bjorn‘s “First Time, Part 1 – Chapter 5” is very hot! The real star of this scene is sexy Irish stud, Diesel O’Green, who gets double fucked by Milos Zambo and Abel Pozsar, then Lucio Saints replaces Abel’s dick with his massive cock. Two bigs cocks in Diesel’s ass…WOW!...see more

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Milos Zambo, Lucio Saints, Diesel O’Green & Abel Pozsar blow each other in Kristen Bjorn’s “First Time, Part 1 – Chapter 5a”

Abel Pozsar and Lucio Saints are very experienced and want to share their new finds with each other. Lucio invites Diesel O’Green and Abel over and assures Milos Zambo that he is in for a treat. Your first orgy can be very intimidating. Just like a 3-way you need confidence and a thirst for cock...see more

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Milos Zambo takes Lucio Saints’ massive cock in Kristen Bjorn’s “First Time, Part 1”

In the second chapter of Kristen Bjorn‘s new movie “First Time, Part 1“, Lucio Saints finds himself deeply attracted to Milos Zambo, who confesses that he has never been fucked before. Lucio takes Milos back to his home and the men begin to expose their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies. Although Milos has never been fucked...see more

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Milos Zambo fucks David Kadera in Kristen Bjorn’s “Casting Couch #286”

In the latest Kristen Bjorn Casting Couch video Milos Zambo has David Kadera shackled to a post so that he can maintain full control over his subject. Milos has a long and very hard cock, accentuated by his leather strap and metal cockring. David’s hair is firmly gripped so that Milos can guide him onto...see more

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Milos Zambo busts a nut at ManAvenue

Milos Zambo jerk his hard cock in the latest ManAvenue video. If you like guys with big muscles, Milos is your man! His has a perfect body with a big cock and a bubble butt! He slowly strips down, kicks back on the bench and raises his legs in the air to show off his...see more

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ManAvenue – Milos Zambo fucks Rudy

Rudy has had a man crush on his roomie, Milos Zambo, for quite some time now.One day while Milos is out at the gym, Rudy lays back on his bed and beats his meat looking at some photos of Milos and him on his phone. He is interrupted by Milos who has returned from the...see more

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Kristen Bjorn is shooting a new movie with Lucio Saints, Milos Zambo and more

Spanish porn studio Kristen Bjorn is shooting a new movie in Tarragona, Spain. Porn star Lucio Saints is taking lots of behind the scenes pictures for us, so make sure you follow him on Twitter @Lucio_Saints! I could only ID one guy with the tattoo on his forearm, he is Milos Zambo, who mostly filmed...see more