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Coming soon at MEN – Flex, Jessy Ares, Paddy O’Brian, Colton Grey, Damien Crosse, Jarec Wentworth has just updated its Upcoming Videos page with some very hot releases. It’s only the first third of the month, but there are some scenes you should definitely watch! I’m looking forward to see Paddy O’Brian & Flex video called “Body Locking” and Jessy Ares & Damien Crosse in the first episode of “Executive Brothel“…both directed by the amazing Alter

Gods of Men, Tom Faulk, Mike De Marko
Video Updates

Mike De Marko bottoms for Tom Faulk in Gods of Men’s “Morning Bliss”

Mike De Marko is enjoying his morning coffee when Tom Faulk walks in to make his morning even more heavenly. Tom tenderly blows Mike’s huge cock which Mike naturally reciprocates. This morning is a blissful one indeed, as Tom delivers a sensual pounding that Mike gladly accepts with his delicious, inviting hole. Limited Offer! 33%

Gay Porn Stars

Gay porn stars Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Damien Crosse, Jarec Wentworth & more read mean tweets!

After the very popular first video (watch it here), has just published a new “ Models Read Mean Tweets – Christmas Edition” video featuring the studio’s exclusives Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Jarec Wentworth and porn stars Damien Crosse, Connor Maguire, Paul Walker, Mike De Marko and Jessy Ares! Which tweet & answer is your favourite?

Raging Stallion - Auto Erotic 2
DVD Releases

Raging Stallion releases “Auto Erotic, Part 2″ starring Boomer Banks, David Benjamin, Jaxton Wheeler

Raging Stallion has also released Part 2 of its fall blockbuster called “Auto Erotic!” If you think there is no way to top Part 1, you are wrong, because in this new movie, you can see Boomer Banks‘ first bottoming scene, which is now online and available to watch on the studio’s website! In Part 2,

Gay Porn NewsGay Porn Stars

Casting News: Boomer Banks, Max Toro, Daniel Craig, Eddy Ceetee, Nick Capra & more

Falcon Studios Group exclusive Boomer Banks tweeted a few photos of himself sucking fellow exclusive Dario Beck’s foreskin on the set of “Fuckhole!” This movie also stars Derek Atlas, Johnny V, Joey D, Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran. Click here, here, here and here to see more bts photos.   Sexy gay porn actors Craig Daniel and Max Toro filmed a new condom-free scene for UK Naked Men. They

Raging Stallion - Shawn Wolfe, Mike De Marko
Video Updates

Raging Stallion exclusive Shawn Wolfe fucks Mike De Marko in “Filthy Fucks”

Shawn Wolfe and Mike De Marko are two scruffy otters, drawn together by an intense magnetism. Mike immediately starts sucking Shawn’s hard cock. There’s a rip in the crotch of Mike’s jeans, and his thick dick pushes straight through the hole. Spotting Mike’s cock throbbing in the air, Shawn swoops down and swallows it. Mike’s

Falcon Studios - Nikko Russo and Mike De Marko
Video Updates

Nikko Russo fucks Mike De Marko’s hairy hole in “Stunners” at Falcon Studios

Mike De Marko kneels and pulls out Nikko Russo’s girthy uncut cock. Nikko, smooth and muscled, slaps his dick on Mike’s face, stretching ropes of saliva and precum across Mike’s lips. Mike strokes his own enormous girth while deep throating Nikko. Clearly, this muscled, fuzzy stud knows how to suck dick. The two stand up

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Hustlaball New York City 2014 [GALLERY] – updated

Thanks to our favourite gay porn stars and their amazing fans, I can show you some very hot photos from the 16th Annual Hustaball NYC 2014! The party was packed with 40+ porn stars including Boomer Banks, David Benjamin, Tommy Defendi, Christopher Daniels, Levi Karter, Rocco Steele, Leo Sweetwood, Tayte Hanson, Bravo Delta, Mike De Marko, Nick Capra,

Raging Stallion - Boomer Banks and Mike De Marko
Video Updates

Hung Raging Stallion exclusive Boomer Banks fucks Mike De Marko in “Balls Deep”

Raging Stallion‘s most popular exclusive Boomer Banks has a brand new scene online on the studio’s website. His scene partner is also hung, but this time Mike De Marko wants to be on bottom to feel every inch of Boomer’s massive dick.  Mike gets down on his knees and deep throats Boomer’s legendary ten inch cock. Then Boomer

Raging Stallion - Filthy Fucks
DVD Releases

Raging Stallion releases “Filthy Fucks” starring Johnny V, Abraham Al Malek, Sean Zevran & more

Raging Stallion has just released a new Monster Bang movie “Filthy Fucks” filmed by award-winning director Steve Cruz! This movie stars 4 Falcon Studios Group exclusives Sean Zevran, David Benjamin, Johnny V, Shawn Wolfe, and gay porn stars Abraham Al Malek, Mike De Marko and Austin Chandler. Lebanese porn model Abraham Al Malek fucks blonde exclusive

Hot House - Brock Avery and Mike De Marko
Video Updates

Brock Avery pounds Mike De Marko in Hot House’s “Play Hard”

The latest scene from Hot House’s movie “Play Hard” stars two hung porn actors, Brock Avery and Mike De Marko. Brock thrusts his big, hard cock into Mike’s mouth for a thorough blowjob. Brock fucks his scene partner’s ass hard, and when he cums, he sprays his load all over Mike’s balls and ass crack…and

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Casting News: Derek Atlas, Jaxton Wheeler, Alex Graham, Scott Hunter, Dirk Caber & more

Woof! I have some new photos from the set of Raging Stallion upcoming auto shop movie starring Derek Atlas, Billy Santoro, Mike De Marko and Jaxton Wheeler! Jaxton has also mentioned that his new video “Tour of Duty, Part 4” is his last bottoming scene.   Muscle pup Alex Graham filmed a new scene for UK Naked

Video Updates

Dylan Knight and Brandon Jones tag-team Mike De Marko in Hot House’s “Horseplay”

There’s nothing like a bit of sweaty summertime soccer to get temperatures and dicks rising. Brandon Jones, Mike De Marko and Dylan Knight start kicking the ball around for a bit of fun, and before long they’re down to their jockstraps. Dylan gets down on his knees to service Brandon and Mike’s cocks at the

Gay Porn NewsGay Porn Stars

Casting News: Sean Zevran, Johnny V, Alexander Gustavo, Andrea Suarez, Dato Foland & more

➤ Wow! A couple of days ago I posted Raging Stallion/Falcon’s press release about their merge with Hot House Entertainment, and I guess that means that RSS/Falcon will lend its exclusive models to Hot House!! HH director Christian Owen tweeted some photos from the set his upcoming movie starring RSS/Falcon exclusive Sean Zevran. His scene partner is