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Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman fuck each other raw at BelAmi Online

Don’t miss Part 1 & 2 of BelAmi Online‘s new flip-flop video starring the studio’s biggest star Kris Evans and sexy newcomer Torsten Ullman! In Part 1, Torsten takes every inch of Kris’ big, uncut cock, who shoots his load all over Torsten’s hole after fucking him hard. Part 2 features Kris bottoming for the...see more

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Watch the trailer of BelAmi’s “Summer of Love 2” and Kevin Warhol flip-fucks Julien Hussey

BelAmi Online has just released the trailer of “Summer of Love 2” featuring 12 flip-flop scenes, 12 newcomers’ solo debut and 12 summer photo sets. Leading the way in the trailer is superstar Kris Evans back in a scorching flip flop scene with newcomer Torsten Ulmann, scheduled for the end of July. Vadim Farrell and Rhys Jagger...see more

BelAmi Online, Kris Evans
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BelAmi Online superstar Kris Evans jerks off his big cock

The latest photoset of Kris Evans highlights what everybody loves about him. A handsome man showing off his perfect nude body and enjoying the attention of the camera. In heaven with Kris Evans on! If you want to see more videos with Kris Evans, make sure you check out QueerPig’s Kris Evans archives and...see more

Jean-Daniel, Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger , BelAmi Online, Julien Hussey
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Jean-Daniel, Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey have a bareback orgy at BelAmi Online

Jean-Daniel, Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey team up for a group session as BelAmi’s main 2 part update this week. The scene starts with some innocent outdoor fun before moving inside for the main action. This two part scene is full of great looking guys having exploring all possible positions and combinations in their...see more

Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion, Zac De Haan
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Kris Evans and Zac DeHaan tag-team Marcel Gassion at BelAmi Online

Special for Valentine’s day is a scene filmed to follow on from Kris Evans and Marcel Gassion’s recent romantic adventure. Kris is full of caring and thoughtfulness as he wakes up on Valentine’s morning and invites his buddy Zac DeHaan over as a Valentine gift for Marcel. If there is anything more that Marcel loves...see more

BelAmi Online, Kris Evans, Hoyt Kogan
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Hoyt Kogan sucks Kris Evans’ big cock at BelAmi Online

Hoyt Kogan is on the verge of becoming a bonafide BelAmi superstar even though he is perfect for both and we will be seeing him mostly on KinkyAngels to begin with, there will still be quite a few chances for him to make appearances here on BelAmiOnline as well. The best possible debut...see more

Belami Online, Rhys Jagger, Kris Evans
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Kris Evans takes Rhys Jagger’s raw cock in the finale of BelAmi Online’s “Fucking Kris”

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the Grand Finale of the “Fucking Kris” series. Rhys Jagger joins Kris Evans in the double day, flip flop scene and I must note that I didn’t expect for Rhys to outshine Kris in the cum spurting department, but there is a very ‘explosive’ finish to part...see more

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Casting News: Theo Ford, Brandon Moore, Sean Zevran, Kris Evans, Toby Dutch, Dylan James & more [UPDATED]

Hot House had a very productive week, because they have filmed several new scenes in the past couple of days. First of all, European model Theo Ford has filmed his first HH scene with Osiris, then a hot three-way with Jimmy Durano and Jordan. Red hot porn newcomer Jordan has also shot a scene with...see more

BelAmi Online, Kris Evans, Brandon Manilow
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Kris Evans gets his ass fucked by Brandon Manilow at BelAmi Online

Kris Evans and Brandon Manilow are two of BelAmi’s most famous stars and this scene between the two of them was saved by GDuroy for a special occasion. Well that occasion has arrived! This BONUS scene in the FUCKING KRIS SERIES starts with some innocent after gym time between two friends but turns out to...see more

BelAmi Online - Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol
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Kevin Warhol fucks Kris Evans’ hole bareback at BelAmi Online

Part 3 of FUCKING KRIS features Kris Evans with Kevin Warhol in a romantic scene full of lots of passion and kissing that sees the smaller Kevin top the muscular Kris bareback! Kevin assumes the role of top confidently and decisively as he goes at Kris energetically in Part 3 of the smash fall series....see more

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Kris Evans gets fucked raw by Adam Archuleta & Jean-Daniel at BelAmi Online

This is a stunning outdoor scene shot and lit perfectly highlighting the chiseled body of the Adonis Kris Evans as he takes turns topping Jean Daniel and Adam Archuleta bareback in an explosive scene that ends with epic cum shots that BelAmi is known for. As Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel have fantastically toned...see more

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Are you ready for Kris Evans’ bareback bottoming debut? [sneak peek]

I think it’s safe to says that I’m not the only one who is excited to see Kris Evans‘ bareback bottoming debut, but fortunately there are only a week left to see the big debut! BelAmi has also published some teaser photos and a video promoting the first scene of Kris’ bareback bottoming series. Enjoy the...see more

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BelAmi Online previews Kris Evans’ bottoming scene also starring Rhys Jagger

This week BelAmi has their resident Adonis and superstar Kris Evans with one of hottest newcomers of the year, Rhys Jagger, in a photo-session video and a side-by-side jerk off video that can only be described as SIMPLY PERFECT. These two beautiful men SIMPLY compliment each other’s PERFECTLY sculpted physiques as they are seen frolicking around...see more

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Casting News: Kris Evans, Hans Berlin, Brian Bonds, Ryan Rose, Craig Daniel & more

BelAmi Online‘s most popular model, Kris Evans will bottom for Rhys Jagger next month! This scene is part of Kris’ bottoming series, and I can’t wait to see this muscle guy getting fucked by our favourite BelAmi models.   TitanMen is filming a new movie in Palm Springs with Hans Berlin, Jay Bentley and Tyler...see more

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Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell have hot sex at BelAmi Online

3 of the biggest names of BelAmi star in our featured update this week. Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell star in this energetic and sexually charged 3some. The scene is featured as a double update with Vadim fucking Kevin in the first part and Kris taking his turn on the insatiable Kevin in...see more