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Jin Powers and Krave Moore take turns fucking Kiern Duecan at Next Door Ebony

Kiern Duecan is getting married in Next Door Ebony‘s new video, but he has never had sex with another man, so his hot friends perk up. Krave Moore and Jin Powers star kissing the handsome bottom, then they take turns fucking his sweet, eager ass, switching off at both ends so Kiern can be adequately...see more

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Hung muscle man Kiern Duecan bottoms for Zane West at Next Door Ebony

When Kiern Duecan & Zane West return home from the gym, Zane goes straight in for a shower. Kiern can’t help but notice his hot roommate has left the door to the bathroom wide open while showering! Kiern decides to watch for a bit. But the temptation is too much. Kiern strips down in the...see more

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Tyce Jax bottoms for Kiern Duecan at Next Door Ebony

Tyce Jax and returning Ebony star, Kiern Duecan, are coming together to let passion explode. Tyce is a well-built, sexy guy who’s insatiable when it comes to dudes like Kiern. They’re starting out with some very hot kissing, letting their fattened dicks rub together from underneath their respective pairs of underwear. Tyce goes to his...see more

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Race Cooper, Kiern Duecan & JP Richards fuck Rob Lee at Next Door Ebony

Rob Lee is in a world of trouble. Imprisoned, alone, and at the mercy of his captives, Rob awaits his fate. Seconds later, he’s yanked out of his cell by Race Cooper, Kiern Duecan and JP Richards who salivate at the thought of having their way with him. With Rob in the middle, they commence...see more

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Race Cooper, Kiern Duecan & JP Richards fuck at Next Door Ebony

Kiern Duecan is sleeping on the couch as his friends come home from a party around the way. Somewhat miffed that he didn’t go out with them, Race Cooper and JP Richards have brought the party home, waking Kiern up with and a hand on his dick and a cock on his lips. Kiern wakes...see more

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Jordano Santoro & Kiern Duecan fuck each other at Next Door Ebony

Jordano Santoro goes straight for Kiern Duecan’s massive dick in the latest Next Door Ebony video. He pulls the covers away to reveal the extremely hard member, waiting for Jordano’s warm lips and mouth. Then they move into some sexy 69ing so both boys can enjoy a fatty sliding in and out. It’s not long...see more

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Jordano Santoro bottoms for Yates & Kiern Duecan at Next Door Ebony

Kiern Duecan is back! And this time, he’s not allowing for any funny business. He’s brought his no-nonsense henchmen, Yates, along to make sure their recruit learns a tough lesson. Jordano Santoro was caught jerking off in the mess hall after hours. The truth is, Jordano wanted to get caught. He had heard the stories...see more

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Yates pounds Kiern Duecan in “The Grand Tour” at Next Door Ebony

Yates is the type of dude that takes what he wants. As an interior painter, he comes across a good share of hot guys looking to rent apartments. Today he’s meeting Kiern Duecan, a muscular, athletic young man who’s interested in checking out the condo space. Yates can tell that Kiern likes what he sees…and...see more