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MEN offers Justin Bieber 2 million dollars for a scene with Johnny Rapid! [VIDEO]

The most updated gay porn site on the internet has just uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel! The studio offers Justin Bieber $2 million for a scene with MEN exclusive Johnny Rapid! Check out the video below! I’m sure MEN would like to help Justin to prove that his Calvin Kline pictures are not photoshopped.

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Top 10 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2014

Just like I did last year, I’ve checked my site’s statistics, and collected the top 10 most searched for gay porn stars of 2014! We have some really hot men on this list, and I’m glad to see that 4 guys who made the top 10 in 2013 are on this year’s list as well. Congratulations to

Gay Porn Stars

Gay porn stars Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Damien Crosse, Jarec Wentworth & more read mean tweets!

After the very popular first video (watch it here), has just published a new “ Models Read Mean Tweets – Christmas Edition” video featuring the studio’s exclusives Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Jarec Wentworth and porn stars Damien Crosse, Connor Maguire, Paul Walker, Mike De Marko and Jessy Ares! Which tweet & answer is your favourite?

Str8 To Gay, Luke Adams, Johnny Rapid
Video Updates

Johnny Rapid gets his ass pounded by Luke Adams in “Intrusive Instructor” at Str8 To Gay

In Str8 To Gay‘s new video called “Intrusive Instructor,” pool shark Luke Adams is filming an instructional video and enlists the help of Johnny Rapid. One thing leads to another, both guys are hard, long story short – Johnny gets his ass pounded. Good for us, Luke forgot to shut of the camera! Limited Offer!

9-menofuk-the-abbey-alex-garcia-darius-ferdynand 2
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Coming soon at MEN – Paddy O’Brian, Colby Jansen, Jessy Ares, Darius Ferdynand & more has just updated its Upcoming Videos page, and the first week of December is going to be very hot! The studio has new videos coming with Paddy O’Brian, Darius Ferdynand, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Jessy Ares, Theo Ford, Goran and many more! Scroll down for the full list and don’t forget to watch the

Drill My Hole, Johnny Rapid, Joey Moriarty
Video Updates

Johnny Rapid flip-fucks Joey Moriarty in Drill My Hole’s “Bad Boy Boot Camp”’s most popular exclusive Johnny Rapid flip-fucks Joey Moriarty in the studio’s new Drill My Hole video called “Bad Boy Boot Camp!” Click HERE to watch all of Johnny Rapid’s videos, because this guys have dozens of scenes playing exclusively on! Enjoy Limited Offer! 33% OFF I have a HUGE DISCOUNT for my readers! Follow

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Coming soon at MEN – John Magnum, Dato Foland, Theo Ford, Jaxton Wheeler, Paddy O’Brian & more has some very hot videos coming in the next few days including new scenes from My Brother in Law, Turn My Son Into a Whore and Executive Suite! You should also watch “Escaping England” starring Paddy O’Brian and Aitor Bravo; and Dato Foland fucking Theo Ford in “Non Surprise!” Scroll down to see a list of the

Str8 To Gay - Johnny Rapid, Zane Anders
Video Updates

Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Zane Anders in “My Brother in Law, Part 2″ at Str8 To Gay

Poor Zane Anders is just a clueless straight dude trying to send his wife some sexy selfies. Johnny Rapid happens by and takes pity on Zane who needs some help to get the shots right. Step one: get that cock hard. Since Johnny is in a hurry, he sucks it stiff, but then gets the

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Coming soon at MEN – Jarec Wentworth, Paddy O’Brian, Theo Ford, Jimmy Fanz and more has some hot video coming in the next few days including 2 new porn series: “Turn My Son Into a Whore” and “Executive Suite!” You should also watch Men of UK’s “Do As I Say” starring Paddy O’Brian, Theo Ford’s and Damien Crosse! Scroll down to see the a list of videos you should definitely watch! Limited Offer! 33% OFF I have

Scouts - Zeb Atlas, Johnny Rapid, Zac Stevens, CK Steel
Video Updates

Zeb Atlas tops Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, CK Steel & Zac Stevens in “Scouts, Part 4″

Woof! Zeb Atlas is the scout master you wish you had when you were an adult scout. Johnny Rapid, CK Steel, Jack Radley & Zac Stevens all get fucked in their asses wearing adorable scout uniforms. Make sure you also watch Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, because they are all hot scenes! Enjoy Limited

Stepfather's Secret 8 - Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk
Video Updates

Dirk Caber gets TRIPLE PENETRATED by Johnny Rapid, Asher Hawk & Trevor Spade + SAVE 33%

Get ready for the horny stepdad, Dirk Caber‘s hottest adventure to date! This hot muscle daddy gets his ass TRIPLE PENETRATED by Johnny Rapid, Asher Hawk and Trevor Spade in “Stepfather’s Secret, Part 8!” This is the most intense Jizz Orgy scene ever, and I really hope that the studio is going to continue this amazing

Howl Part 4 Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares, Paddy O'Brian
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MEN’s Halloween series “HOWL” stars Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares & Logan Moore is going to celebrate Halloween with a very hot gay porn series called “HOWL!” It was directed by Alter Sin, and it stars some of the hottest gay porn stars like Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares and Logan Moore! It’s a 4-part series, which premieres on 29th October and ends on 1st November with a huge orgy

Stepfather's Secret 7 - Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid and Phenix Saint
Video Updates

Dirk Caber & Phenix Saint tag-team Johnny Rapid in “Stepfather’s Secret, Part 7″

The percy stepdad, Dirk Caber has a pretty impressive libido. Not only is he fucking his wife, her many stepsons and her stepson’s friends…he’s hooking up with hunky Phenix Saint in the 7th episode of “Stepfather’s Secret!” When Johnny Rapid interupts their makeout sesh, things really heat up with both Dirk & Phenix fucking Johnny’s hole!

5-stepfathers-secret-asher-hawk-dirk-caber-johnny-rapid-trevor-spade 2
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Coming soon at MEN – Jimmy Fanz, Dirk Caber, Christian Wilde, Landon Conrad & more has just updated its upcoming videos page, and this is a great month for the fans of Dirk Caber and Jimmy Fanz! First of all, Dirk Caber gets TRIPLE PENETRATED by Johnny Rapid, Asher Hawk and Trevor Spade in “Stepfather’s Secret, Part 8!” Jimmy Fanz has 4 new videos coming in the next couple