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Ajay and his twin brother Micky blow Jayden at Fratmen Sucks

Ajay and Micky are two brothers that are very athletic, very sexy, and, as of late, very mischievous with the other Fratmen. We find them wrestling on the mats at Fratpad. Wearing only singlets the twin brothers grapple and toss each other’s muscular bodies until they’re both exhausted. After stripping from their sweaty gear, Micky...see more

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Jayden and Vincent blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Jayden and Vincent have a great time in the new Fratmen Sucks video. There is cock sucking and foreplay humping and grinding! Enjoy this and many other hot videos at!...see more

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Video Updates

Micky and Trent blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Make sure you watch the latest Fratmen Sucks video starring two muscle jocks Micky and Trent. They suck each other’s rock hard cocks and shoot their huge load all over their ripped bodies. Watch this and many other hot videos at!...see more

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Cole and Jonah blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

In the newest FratmenSUCKS update, Alan and Leo tracked down Fratmen Cole and Jonah playing Frisbee outdoors and planted a camera in their room before they got back. Cole and Jonah are two duo veterans, and we finally have some footage of them together. The camera captured everything for you to see on FratmenSUCKS!...see more

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Video Updates

“POV Trent” at Fratmen Sucks

Fratmen Trent has returned to us after ages of being away. In his most recent video, Trent hangs out with an old-time Fratpad buddy, gets down on all-fours, and of course, sucks some dick. He takes his time taking off his clothes, but once he’s completely naked, he gets down to business....see more

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Jonah and Trent blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Here’s a new video update with two Fratpad veterans! Trent meets Jonah in the bathtub after a rough night, and it turns into massages and blowjobs. The end is really hot, and there’s some fun behind the scenes footage with Trent and Jonah in a car together comparing cocks. Check out all the fun on...see more

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Micky and Jonah blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

This one’s really good! It has two of my favorites: Fratmen Jonah and Micky. In the first half, Micky keeps sucking on Jonah’s cock while he’s exercising, and it goes on until Jonah cums. After that, they head to the jacuzzi where Jonah returns the favor and sucks on Micky’s dick until he cums. These...see more

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Jonah and Braden blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

In the latest Fratmen Sucks video Jonah sneaks into a napping Braden’s bed and starts playing with his cock. The rest is a hot update with some real chemistry. The guys suck each others rock hard cocks and shoot their loads all over the place. Don’t miss this hot update and many other videos at...see more

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Video Updates

Braden and Micky blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Braden is a wonder ball of a Fratmen, full of surprises and layered with personality. In some way’s it seems like he “beats his own drum” but on certain occasions Braden really opens up and interacts with his environment. With just the right blend of timing and circumstance, Micky unveils new depth that even takes...see more

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Benji and Cole blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Fratmen Benji and Cole have a few things in common: giant cocks, wildly popular at the Fratpad, and a willingness to go much “further” than the average straight guy. After chasing each other outdoors, Benji and Cole find themselves in Benji’s lair. Wired from their fun, the frat boys produce a list of sexual challenges...see more

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Vincent and Micky blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Vincent is back at Fratmen Sucks! He’s most well known for his horse playing and teasing attitude around he employs with fellow guy friends. It’s great to have him back but we notice a few changes in his disposition from his last appearance. A sense of maturity and seniority, Vincent feels he can bestow his experience on...see more

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Asher and Micky blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

Being blindfolded is a kinky fetish and nothing new to those who have experimented with it, but hooking up with someone you never met is a surreal fantasy that the Asher and Micky have yet to undertake. A little anxiety for these guys is natural but things start to really get majestic when nerves settle...see more

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POV Rico at Fratmen Sucks

Fratmen Rico sucks a thick cock in the latest POV style Fratmen Sucks video! His lucky partner gets full service from this sex muscle jock. Rico licks and swallows the big meat making it even harder! Don’t miss this hot scene!...see more

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Asher and Grady blow each other at Fratmen Sucks

This week’s Fratmen Sucks update features two hot Fratmen Asher and Grady. These young guys are ripped, hung and always ready for some action! Their afternoon is disrupted by a loud, sudden sandstorm outdoors, but the view is still amazing. Our Fratmen continue to jerk and suck each other’s cocks and cum together in an...see more