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Charlie Harding bangs John Magnum in Str8 To Gay’s “Cheating Husband, Part 3”

In the 3rd episode of Str8 To Gay‘s hot porn series called “Cheating Husband,” Charlie Harding is getting restless as he and his buddy John Magnum are waiting for their wives to get back from their shopping spree. John’s dick starts to tingle while reading an article about the growing trend of straight men discovering...see more

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Luke Adams & Rikk York bottom for Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding and John Magnum in “My Two Daddies, Part 3” + SAVE 33%

By New Years Eve, Luke Adams has settled into his new home he shares with Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser. Luke’s “daddies” have invited a couple friends, John Magnum and Rikk York, over to ring in the New Year. John and Rikk are intrigued when they meet Luke who is a perfect houseboy. When the...see more

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Luke Adams gets fucked by Charlie Harding & Aaron Bruiser in “My Two Daddies, Part 2” + SAVE 33%

It’s Christmas morning and the sexy daddies – Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser – wake to open each other’s gifts. Luke Adams‘ bubble butt is the best gift Charlie has ever gotten, and soon they the husbands take turn fucking the hot bottom’s ass. Make sure you don’t miss this hot video playing exclusively on!...see more

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Coming soon at MEN – Paddy O’Brian, Jake Bass, Luke Adams, Gabriel Cross, Derek Atlas & more

Wow! has some very hot videos coming this month! Members of the site can already see the full list, but for the rest of you I collected some of the must-see scenes. First of all, I’m very excited about the studio’s Sons of Anarchy porn parody “Men of Anarchy” premiering on 12 December. Paddy O’Brian has...see more

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Charlie Harding bangs Ricky Decker in “The Virgin Hunter 1” at Str8 To Gay premieres a brand new Str8 To Gay  porn parody “The Virgin Hunter!” In Part 1 of this new series, Ricky Decker gets his ass fucked by Charlie Harding! This is Ricky’s second video, so if you missed his first, click HERE for the photos and the trailer! On May 25th, the studio is going to release “R.O.T.C.”...see more

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Coming soon at Men – Ricky Decker, Adam Wirthmore, Dato Foland, Goran, Jimmy Fanz and more

Wow! has just updated the upcoming videos page and we couldn’t have asked for better videos! They have dozens of hot videos coming this months, so I’m going to split my post in two (come back tomorrow for more previews). First things first, you don’t want to miss Ricky Decker‘s debut on May 11!...see more

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Joseph Rough and Scotty Rage fuck Charlie Harding’s ass at Hot Dads Hot Lads

Muscle daddies Charlie Harding and Scotty Rage are ready to have some fun with young blonde Joseph Rough. The three men make out and spit in each others mouths. All of the shirts come off and the daddies kiss Joseph’s firm body. The daddies take turns sucking the lad’s veiny man meat. Joseph gets on...see more

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Scotty Rage plows Charlie Harding bareback at Cocksure Men

Charlie Harding introduces us to his hot, real-life boyfriend, Scotty Rage. When it comes to porn Scotty is a virgin, but he’s eager to pop his porn cherry. Scotty and Charlie are very verbal, talking as they would at home. They start off kissing passionately, then Charlie goes down on Scotty’s rock-hard cock. Charlie gets...see more

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Charlie Harding & John Magnum double penetrate Johnny Rapid in Jizz Orgy’s eight man orgy!

Let’s start 2014 with a huge EIGHT MAN ORGY! The fifth and final episode of series called “Daddy’s Club” is finally here! Hot daddies Billy Santoro, John Magnum, Colby Jansen & Charlie Harding go to town on their young lovers Johnny Rapid, Justin Dean, Robbie Rivers & Corey Haynes! Happy New Year! I have a HUGE DISCOUNT for Queer Pig readers only! You can get 33% OFF...see more

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Justin Dean bottoms for Charlie Harding in Drill My Hole’s “Daddy’s Club 4” + SAVE 33%

Part 4 of Daddy’s Club is Charlie Harding‘s story about how he met Justin Dean. Cruising on a dating app, they were in the same gym at the same time. Soon Justin Dean has a dick up his ass and Charlie is saying “Daddy likes!” I have a HUGE DISCOUNT for Queer Pig readers only!...see more

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Mike Dozer rides Charlie Harding’s raw cock bareback at Cocksure Men

Cocksure Men has just released one of the most talked about bareback scenes starring Charlie Harding and Mike Dozer. Now let’s forget about that infamous “Condoms are for pussies” shirt and enjoy this hot video!  Charlie pounds his prick down Mike’s throat making him gag several times. Mike bends over and Charlie preps his ass, eating it and tonguing it...see more

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Coming soon at MEN – Topher DiMaggio, Marco Rubi, Goran, Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Fanz and more

I’ve already blogged about‘s December schedule and the porn series (“Hotel X“, click here to see more) I’m most looking forward to, but there are some more videos you should definitely watch! Make sure you mark your calendars and join for daily video updates with the hottest porn stars! Don’t forget to you...see more

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Charlie Harding gets fucked for the first time by Colby Jansen in “Top To Bottom 5”

Top only porn star Charlie Harding is finally getting fucked in the ass on camera! Hunky Colby Jansen puts his dick deep inside Charlie’s tight ass in a classic new scene from MEN.COM’s! If you’ve missed Colby Jansen’s Top To Bottom video, in which he gets fucked by Tommy Defendi, CLICK HERE! Can you...see more

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Casting News: Mike Dozer, Charlie Harding, Marco Rubi, Martin Mazza, Tony Orion and more

➤ Hairy muscle men Mike Dozer and Charlie Harding filmed a bareback scene for Cocksure Men! This scene is going to be Charlie’s first condom-free video, and on November 22, is releasing his very first bottoming video, in which he gets fucked by Colby Jansen. Click here to watch the trailer of “Top To Bottom...see more

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Colby Jansen fucks Charlie Harding in’s upcoming video “Top To Bottom 5”

Two days ago revealed the name of the power top, who gets fucked in the next episode of “Top To Bottom!” It’s Charlie Harding‘s turn to take a cock (watch the teaser), and the lucky top is MEN exclusive Colby Jansen! If you’ve missed Colby’s bottoming debut in “Top To Bottom 4,” you should click here...see more