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Casting News: Ryan Rose, Caleb King, Hans Berlin, Nathan Gear, Lukas Costa, Alexander Greene & more

Falcon Studios tweeted many behind the scenes videos last weekend from the set of their upcoming movie “Sex Pad” and their new release called “Tahoe – Cozy Up!” You can see more behind the scenes content from the set of “Sex Pad” HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)   Here are the last photos I have from the set of TitanMen’s upcoming movie starring David...see more

Gay Porn NewsGay Porn Stars

Casting News: Ryan Rose, Dorian Ferro, Luke Adams, David Anthony, Aday Traun, Antonio Miracle & more

This week, I posted many behind the scenes photos and videos (see them HERE, HERE and HERE) from the set of Falcon Studios‘ upcoming movie called “Sex Pad” and here are a few more for you to enjoy! This film stars Falcon Studios Group exclusives Ryan Rose, Austin Wolf, Dorian Ferro, Colt Rivers and Tom Faulk.   TitanMen...see more

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Casting News: Ryan Rose, Dorian Ferro, Austin Wolf, Nicoli Cole, Caleb King, Dirk Caber & more [BTS VIDEOS]

Falcon Studios Group’s hot exclusive Ryan Rose filmed a new scene with Dorian Ferro for the studio’s upcoming movie called “Sex Pad.” Yesterday, Falcon’s newest exclusive Austin Wolf also shot a scene with Nicoli Cole. You can see more behind the scenes photos here and here! Make sure watch the video clips of Dorian riding Ryan’s cock below, and...see more

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Casting News: Austin Wolf, Austin Wilde, David Anthony, Luke Adams, Dominic Santos, Aarin Asker & more

Falcon Studios Group’s new exclusive Austin Wolf is in Las Vegas right now filming a new movie called “Sex Pad!” The studio has also tweeted behind the scenes photos of Dorian Ferro and Nicoli Cole; and two videos of Brenner Bolton licking Austin’s nipples and Austin on the set of “Sex Pad.”   Yesterday, Falcon Studios Group...see more

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Casting News: Ryan Rose, Nicoli Cole, Tom Faulk, Colt Rivers, Viktor Rom, Letterio, Jevon Burton & more

Falcon Studios is filming a new scene with Nicoli Cole and hot exclusive Ryan Rose! Yesterday, the studio filmed another scene with Tom Faulk and Colt Rivers directed by Tony Dimarco!   TLA Gay is tweeting behind the scenes photos from the set of TitanMen’s upcoming movie starring Caleb King and Casey Williams! Make sure...see more

Video Updates

Adam Russo and Casey Williams fuck each other hard in TitanMen’s “Chain Reaction” + $99/year SALE

This week at, the studio brings you the 3rd scene of Joe Gage’s latest film with Titan: “Chain Reaction.” In this final scene we find Casey Williams, upset that he’s been forced to work on Saturday, jokingly demanding a bj from his boss Adam Russo – who promptly turns the tables: “I think that might...see more

Video Updates

Casey Williams tops Adam Herst at Men Over 30

Adam Herst has had another shitty day at work and is pissed off at some of his coworkers. Lucky for him his good buddy Casey Williams has dropped by to make him forget about it all and instead focus on getting naked and releasing some much needed tension. Casey unzips Adam’s thick sexy cock and...see more

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Folsom Street Fair 2013 Gallery [Part 1]

I have some very hot photos from Folsom Street Fair 2013! Our favorite porn stars and porn fans are still posting dozens of hot pictures on their Twitter accounts, so make sure you follow them for more! You can spot the following porn stars on the pictures below: Dirk Caber, Jesse Jackman, Hans Berlin, Damian...see more

Video Updates

Samuel Colt and Casey Williams fuck each other in TitanMen’s “On Tap”

New beer deliveryman Casey Williams wonders why his predecessor got fired: “I don’t know why it was taking him so long.” But one look at bartender Samuel Colt—whose massive chest peeks out from his unbuttoned cutoff shirt—makes it clear. “Bet I know,” he replies, wrapping his hand around Casey’s neck and pulling him in for...see more

Video Updates

Jesse Jackman flip-fucks Casey Williams in TitanMen’s “Strobe”

Bartender Jesse Jackman sets his gaze on DJ Casey Williams, another shaved-headed muscle man. The two rendezvous outside of Casey’s booth, the music blaring as he takes a break. Jesse smiles up at the smoothie, whose muscle bod towers over him on a podium. Jesse sucks his bud, his 5 o’clock shadow grazing the base...see more

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Folsom Street Fair 2012 Gallery [Part 1] – UPDATED

If you are in San Francisco make sure you don’t miss the Folsom Street Fair 2012! Put on some leather or stay naked it’s your choice, but you must see this! The big event on Folsom Street is still on and porn stars post a lot of pictures on Twitter. I will update this post...see more

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Samuel Colt and Casey Williams are shooting for TitanMen

TitanMen director Jasun Mark has just posted this picture from the set of an upcoming TitanMen movie. You can see Samuel Colt and Casey Williams kissing behind the scenes. This is going to be Samuel Colt’s very first Titan movie. Casey Williams filmed another scene with exclusive Jesse Jackman, so probably we will see Samuel...see more

Video Updates

TitanMen – Incubus 2: Francois Sagat and Casey Williams

TitanMen has just released the final scene of Francois Sagat’s directorial debut Incubus 2! In this scene Francois wrestles with himself played by muscle man Casey Williams! His sanity at stake, Francois teeters between two paths. Snapping out of his nightmare, he finds himself donned in a skin-tight suit as he comes face to face...see more

DVD Releases

TitanMen releases ‘Incubus 2: The Final Chapter’

Are you ready for it? A storm is brewing inside Francois Sagat as forces fight for control of his tortured psyche. In the disturbing conclusion to his twisted tale, the star comes face to face with his evil, erotic impulses — and the source of his conflict. Join fellow TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Jesse Jackman, who help lead a...see more