Men Over 30, Pride Studios, Peter Fields, Alessio Romero
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Hairy muscle man Alessio Romero pounds Peter Fields’ hole at Men Over 30

Alessio Romero grabs Peter Fields and shoves his tongue down his throat than onto the bed where they rip each other’s clothes off and fuck for the last time. Alessio dominate nature over takes Peter as he is held down and slapped around like Alessios bitch which Peter loves and it keeps his cock rock hard...see more

Extra Big Dicks, Alessio Romero, Peter Fields, Jace Chambers
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Jace Chambers and Peter Fields tag-team Alessio Romero at Extra Big Dicks

Dr. Alessio Romero goes back and forth sucking, stroking and spitting on Jace Chambers and Peter Fields‘ dicks. His jaw is getting tired trying to stuff these big dicks in his mouth so he stands up and bends his ass over and waits for Peter to push deep into his ass. Both of the subjects take...see more

Pride Studios, Extra Big Dicks, Alessio Romero, Brett Bradley
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Brett Bradley fucks Alessio Romero’s hairy hole at Extra Big Dicks

Dr. Alessio Romero is one of the best doctors on hand as he begins to check Brett Bradley‘s balls and amazingly thick shaft. The checkup consists of Dr. Romero looking under his shaft and his balls plus having Brett cough which shows the doctor what’s wrong. He lifts the shaft up high and pours lube...see more

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Casting News: Sebastian Kross, Colt Rivers, Trey Turner, Tryp Bates, Dimitri Kane, Dale Cooper & more

Raging Stallion tweeted two behind the scenes videos from the set of 2 upcoming movies! “Dick Moves” is Monster Bang film starring Sebastian Kross and Mike De Marko; and you can see Colt Rivers loving Tex Davidson‘s huge cock on the set of a new Hard Friction movie. Monster Bang’s ‘Dick Moves’ @dickmovesxxx @sebastiankross and @MikedeMarko...see more

Bareback That Hole, Alessio Romero, Rocco Steele
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Rocco Steele drills and pumps Alessio Romero’s bare butt at Bareback That Hole

Rocco Steele delivers a powerhouse performance and this time he’s partnered with friend and fuck buddy Alessio Romero. The sexual chemistry between them is fantastic so it’s no surprise that this scene is scorching and torrid to the core. Rocco’s impressive 10×7 inch cock is on full display and dominates Alessio’s raw hole at every...see more

Men Over 30, Pride Studios, Rikk York, Alessio Romero
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Hairy muscle men Rikk York and Alessio Romero have sex at Men Over 30

It’s the end of Pride Studios‘ “Half Hearted” series and Rikk York is sad that Alessio Romero couldn’t break up with his BF. Rikk is back cleaning his fish tank as he mopes around the house until the doorbell rings. He answers the door and its Alessio again saying hello. Rikk tries to slam the door...see more

Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios, Jace Chambers, Alessio Romero
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Alessio Romero rides Jace Chambers’ rock hard cock at Extra Big Dicks

Just before Dr. Alessio Romero is about to wrap his succulent lips around that throbbing cock Jace Chambers wakes up horrified to see his doctor about to suck on his dick. Dr. Romero tells him everything will be ok and to just lay back and relax while he eases Jace stress. The doc is in...see more

Men Over 30, Alessio Romero, Hunter Vance
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Muscle daddy Alessio Romero power fucks Hunter Vance at Men Over 30

In Men Over 30‘s new video Alessio Romero is home cleaning up when Hunter Vance comes downstairs to start the day and begins to talk about how busy his day is going to be but he has a time for quickie. Alessio can’t get the courage up to breakup with him but instead walks over...see more

Men Over 30, Pride Studios, Rikk York, Alessio Romero
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Muscle daddy Alessio Romero pounds Rikk York at Men Over 30

Rikk York and Alessio Romero begin to suck and fuck without a care in the world. These two lovers are passionate for each other and they both want to break up with their BFs for each other but neither one has done it yet. After the hot pounding and cum releasing they make a deal that...see more

Bareback That Hole, Alessio Romero, Logan Stevens
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Alessio Romero and Logan Stevens take turns fucking each other in Bareback That Hole

What do a handsome uncut Nordic stud and a sexy rugged Latin stallion have in common? That’s an easy one…Flip Fucking and Barebacking an eager hole. There’s plenty of that and much more as these guys waste no time in getting down to business. Logan Stevens savors the taste of Alessio Romero’s furry ass while...see more

TitanMen, Alessio Romero, Drake Jaden
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Alessio Romero pounds Drake Jaden in TitanMen’s “Upper Hand”

Marine Drake Jaden is stroking his big boner in uniform when he’s interrupted by roommate Alessio Romero. “Sorry about that, man,” he says. “I had a pretty tough deployment.” Alessio doesn’t mind, whipping out his own cock as the two stroke and stare at each other. “I guess this is don’t ask, don’t tell?” asks...see more

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Casting News: Martin Mazza, Jordano Santoro, Andrew Stark, Aarin Asker, Aquiles, Killian James & more

Martin Mazza and Jordano Santoro have just filmed a new video for HardKinks in Spain, and Martin sent me some very hot behind the scenes photos and a shout out video! Thank you so much guys!   Also in Spain, Logan Moore shot a new scene with Xavi Duran, and Hugh Hunter filmed a video...see more

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Casting News: Sebastian Kross, Sean Zevran, Killian James, Cory Prince, Hugh Hunter & more

Super hot Raging Stallion exclusives Sebastian Kross and Sean Zevran filmed a new scene for the studio’s upcoming movie “Side Winder!” Sean has also filmed a scene with Letterio! You should also watch the behind the scenes clips that the studio and director Steve Cruz made on set. Click HERE and HERE to see more bts content...see more

Men Over 30, Benjamin Bronx, Alessio Romero
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Muscle daddy Alessio Romero gets pounded by Benjamin Bronx at Men Over 30

Alessio Romero and Benjamin Bronx just got into the office and they are both enjoying their morning coffee when they notice a faint sound coming from the other room. They listen very closely and can hear someone fucking in the other room. They start to laugh and talk about it but then they both get...see more

Men Over 30, Alessio Romero, Rikk York
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Rikk York gets fucked by Alessio Romero at Men Over 30

Rikk York is newly single and still fresh out of his last relationship and wants to take things slow. Alessio Romero and he have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and Alessio wants to take it up a notch and expresses his feelings to Rikk. Rikk is comfortable with it and so...see more