Rogan Richards – one of the hottest power tops in the gay porn industry – has just shared a cute video on his Vimeo account. In the video, you can see RoganĀ kissing his sexy boyfriend, Lucas DJ Flamefly a.k.a. BOOM! Rogan has also shared their story on Tumblr, so follow this link to read the article! If you want to know more about how they fucked all night long when they first met, click here!

I am so lucky to have such a brave, sexy, funny, beautiful, smart, patient, emotionally mature, confident, intuitive, creative, loving, optimistic, amazing man that I can call my boyfriend. So many guys tell me how lucky he must be to have me as a boyfriend but I can tell you all, 100%, I am the lucky one in this relationship and should be so lucky to have found and have managed to keep this great man and continue to call him mine.

BUT how the FK did this little fuzz bucket sneak his way into this tough muscle beast’s heart??? Click below to read how I met BOOM! at a sex party where he captivated my cock, then read how he captivated my heart… Rogan Richards


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