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Logan Moore takes Rocco Steele’s huge cock raw at Lucas Entertainment + SAVE 50%

Logan Moore loved riding Rocco Steele’s huge cock in Bulldog Pit’s video, so he wanted a second round, but this time without a condom! Logan can be a very submissive bottom, and Rocco is a perfect scene partner for him. The hung top fucks him in from behind the Logan mounts that huge dick and rides it like a real power bottom!

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Lucas Entertainment, Rocco Steele, Logan Moore

Hung bottom Lucas Knight gets fucked by Arad at Next Door World

Arad pulls down Lucas Knight’s pants and takes his nice cock between his own lips. Arad sucks while Lucas winces and covers his eyes. After a while, Lucas realizes that there’s not denying the blowjob DOES feel amazing. He decides to peek. Peeking turns into locking eyes with Arad. Arad then suggests they try going all the way. Lucas is too horny to say ‘no.’ Arad bends Lucas over and slides his fat, bulging dick into Lucas’s tight hole. Join this sexy twosome as the coolest boy on the block gives some sexual instruction to his friend’s sweet, inexperienced younger brother.

Next Door World, Lucas Knight,Arad

Yannick Modine and Tim Campbell have bareback sex at BelAmi Online

Back when Yannick Modine was still young and inexperienced BelAmi decided to pair him up with one of their models who is more ‘well versed’ in the ways of love. The lucky guy just happens to be Tim Campbell so we will get to see what Tim has to teach young Yannick… right after he has a shower that is.

BelAmi Online, Yannick Modine, Tim Campbell

Augustine Mayor, Troy Accola, Tyler Sky and Austin Wilde fuck bareback at Guys In Sweatpants

There’s nothing hotter than putting 3 guys (Augustine Mayor, Troy Accola, Tyler Sky) on a bed who really want to fuck each other… and then letting them do just that. Guys In Sweatpants has had Tyler here a few times taking one big cock at a time, but this time they wanted to give him several at once. A bottom’s dream, right? The title of this video pretty much describes the entire thing. The cameraman (Austin Wilde) even whips out his cock toward the end to do some fucking. They ended with two VERY happy, cum covered and filled bottoms.

Guys In Sweatpants,Augustine Mayor, Troy Accola, Tyler Sky

Raging Stallion releases “Clusterfuck! 1” starring Sebastian Kross, Derek Atlas, Dario Beck, David Benjamin & more

Raging Stallion has just released Part 1 of “Clusterfuck!” directed by Steve Cruz. This new movie stars 4 RSS exclusives Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas, Sebastian Kross and two hung porn actors Duncan Black and Jessy Karson.

The big orgy scene starring Dario, David, Derek and Sebastian is already available to watch on the studio’s website [click here for a preview]. David Benjamin also has a scene with Jessy Karson, and he takes a hard pounding from Jessy. Derek Atlas drills Duncan Black’s hole and Dario Beck gets his hairy ass fucked by Sebastian Kross.

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Raging Stallion, Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas, Sebastian Kross, Duncan Black, Jessy Karson

Sebastian Kross, Dario Beck, David Benjamin & Derek Atlas have sex in “Clusterfuck!” + SAVE 66%

You don’t want to miss the first scene of Raging Stallion’s new release “Clusterfuck!” This super hot orgy video stars 4 RSS exclusives: Sebastian Kross, Dario Beck, David Benjamin and Derek Atlas. David and Derek take turns bottoming for Sebastian and Dario gets fucked by Derek. Then, as the entire group is edging, Derek gets up in David’s ass hard before David gets bathed in everyone’s warm and sticky cum.

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Raging Stallion, Sebastian Kross, Dario Beck, Derek Atlas, David Benjamin

Porn newcomer Aquiles París fucks Andrea Suarez at Fucker Mate

Fucker Mate introduces a very hot newcomer Aquiles París in its latest video also starring sexy porn star Andrea Suarez! Aquiles has a great body and a thick cock that he slides into Andrea’s smooth hole and fuck him hard from behind! Don’t miss Aquiles’ porn debut, and let’s hope he will get his bubble butt fucked next time.

Fucker Mate, Aquiles Paris, Andrea Suarez

Casting News: Armando De Armas, Logan Moore, Martin Mazza, Max Toro, Aquiles Paris, Jacob Ladder & more

Raging Stallion tweeted some new behind the scenes photos from the set of the studio’s upcoming movie called “Foreskin Mafia!” You can see Armando De Armas, Logan Moore and Boomer Banks in the photos below. Yesterday, I showed you two bts videos, so make sure you watch them too!

[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”” ]



Huge thanks to Martin Mazza for sending me tons of on set photos, because this sexy muscle man filmed a new Hardkinks video with Max Toro, who also shot a scene with Antonio Aguilera.



Woof! Check out this hot muscle guy! His name is Aquiles Paris and he filmed a new video for Fucker Mate!



Australian gay porn star Rogan Richards has released the first teaser of his upcoming film #JESUSLOVESMYFURRYPECS starring Skippy Baxter.

[c5ab_video c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”″ ]


Here are some very hot glamour photos from CockyBoys‘ latest porn shoot with Jacob Ladder and Levi Karter.



Bareback porn stars Letterio and Adam Russo shot a new condom-free scene for TIMPorn!



GayRoom has a cute newcomer (Tony) filming his first porn scene today.


Brenner Bolton takes Lucas Knight’s giant cock in “Poolside 1” at Falcon Studios

Lucas Knight and Brenner Bolton’s hands roam over each other’s bodies as they rendezvous under a palm tree by a shimmering pool. When Brenner kneels and yanks Lucas’ trunks down, it reveals Lucas’ staggering monster cock! Undeterred, Brenner deep throats Lucas’ cock and slurps his balls. Lucas pulls Brenner onto his feet, sucks the taste of cock off his tongue, then faces Brenner against that palm tree and rips off his trunks. Brenner’s untanned ass is smooth and round, and it was made to take Lucas’ giant cock. After fucking, they lie down by the pool and Lucas eagerly tongues Brenner’s freshly fucked hole before going at it again, this time in the missionary position. Brenner erupts, streaming cum across his body and into the turquoise waters, followed by a deluge from Lucas that does justice to the size of his massive cock.

Falcon Studios, Lucas Knight, Brenner Bolton

Will Braun tops Tyler Morgan in “Not Borthers Yet, Part 2” at Str8 To Gay

Will Braun‘s mom is about to marry Tyler Morgan‘s dad. Will is not happy when he notices Tyler checking him out as he gets changed in their hotel room. Will insists that he is not gay but his dick is rock hard with Tyler lying right beside him. Tyler takes advantage of this opportunity and gets his horny ass fucked by his future, super cute stepbrother.

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Str8 To Gay,, Will Braun, Tyler Monroe

Patryk Jankowski and Arnau Vila fuck each other bareback in Kristen Bjorn’s “On the Prowl”

Arnau Vila is yearning to feel that long cock shaft probing deep inside his raw ass and bends over the sofa and offers up his hungry hole to Patryk Jankowski. Driven crazy with the pleasure of that moist, tight, muscular ass engulfing his raw cock, Patryk knows that he has found nirvana in Spain. Arnau then flips Patryk and shows him what a hot, raw, Spanish cock feels like deep inside of his ass. Patryk loves the sensation that he begs for more and Arnau delivers a hard pounding fuck that forces Patryk to blow his huge, creamy load of cum. Arnau continues pounding away at Patryk’s convulsing ass until he shoots his load all over Patryk’s balls and then back inside of his wet ass.

Kristen Bjorn, Patryk Jankowski, Arnau Vila

Tony Milan gets his hole pounded by Dave Circus at Cazzo Club

Berlin working life deluxe. The arrogant suit pig Dave Circus sits in his Office and works. His horny intern Tony Milan gives in to his day-dreaming and playing with himself until a comforting groan shakes his body. Unfortunately he is observed by Dave. Pissed off, he calls him to his office and lets him know. Tony is desperate and asks him to give him a chance. Dave holds out his ass to be licked by the useless Italian. Tony pushes his tongue into the soft hole and spits on the rosette. He can never get enough. Dave grabs his head and stuffs his twitching cock into his greedy mouth. Tony blows like a young God. But Dave is still not satisfied. Only when he thoroughly bangs Tony like a cheap piece of meat on the desk he can finally release his pent up frustrations and shoots a load of cream in the face and on his beard.

Cazzo Club, Tony Milan, David Circus