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Men At Play – In Deep with Cavin Knight

US Star Cavin Knight arrived on UK shores this week, ready to show us that Americans can rock a suit just as well as our British guys, and indeed he did. In his suit and tie Cavin reminds me of a slick masculine Mad Men type . But his self-controlled stoic character masks a completely different persona altogether. Once the suit begins to come off bit by bit. we see a perfectly muscled physique that would make any professional athlete green with envy. But its when the trousers come off that we see the ass bearing jockstrap which Calvin just loves to wear under his suit, allowing him easy access to his tight hole whenever he may feel the need…. and when he does he just locks his office doors and gives his ass a good fucking with his favourite toy.

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BentleyRace – Straight muscle boy Bailey Morgan

Bailey Morgan obviously works hard at the gym. You don’t realise how built this guy is until he pulls off his shirt. As well as being very tall at 6’1″, this 26 year old South African is exploding with muscles! And when the clothes start coming off, the exhibitionist in Bailey comes out. I can tell that he loves to show off for the camera as he gets all flirty with Zac. Zac told me that Bailey was a lot of fun to shoot with. It was one of most fun shoots he got to do while we were travelling.

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ChaosMen – Foster & Van: RAW

Let’s face it, Foster loves to have a dude worship his cock and take it up the ass. He loves to Top! And Van, well, he just seems to be able to take anything thrown at him. Foster gets to be bossy and make Van suck on his giant nob. They eventually 69, but Foster is really more interested in getting inside Van’s ass. He flips him over and ever so gently slides his cock inside of Van, who only flinches momentarily. From that point on, Foster is in Top Heaven as he makes Van take his cock every which way.  He plunges in and out of his hole relentlessly! He also has the cum shot down to a science. Squirting on his hole and then filling him up with the rest of his load. Cum just oozing everywhere. Van still struggles to nut, but it seems to help to have a hard cock hovering over his face. Hmmmm….

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Jake Cruise – Brad Kalvo fucks Dustin Fitch

Muscle-daddy Brad Kalvo is no stranger to my other site, Cocksure Men, but this is his first time playing here. Young and cute, Dustin Fitch can’t wait to play with his hairy, muscular daddy. Dustin takes off Brad’s shirt, revealing his massive hairy chest. Dustin follows his furry trail all the way down to Brad’s big dick and starts sucking. Brad goes down on Dustin’s smooth cock and then tongues his sweet hole. Dustin begs for Brad’s cock in his ass so that’s just what Brad gives him. Brad fucks Dustin hard, any which way he chooses. Dustin blows his load while still getting pumped by Brad’s hard pole. Soon after Brad sprays Dustin with his warm cum all over his tight stomach.

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Cocksure Men – Jake Deckard flip fucks Trey Turner

Trey Turner just got in from a run and he’s tired and sweaty. He smells his pit and decides he’s in need of a quick shower. Jake Deckard smells his pit and decides otherwise. Jake licks Trey’s armpit and then rubs his head in it, making sure he’s covered in Trey’s sexy scent. Worked up, Jake gets down on his knees and deep throats Trey’s cock. This gets Jake’s cock super hard and it pops out of his pants. Trey drops down and helps himself to a throatful. Trey moves over to the couch and arches his sweet bubble-butt high in the air so Jake can taste his sweet ass. Jake licks Trey’s ass and makes sure that his tongue gets in there good. Trey is ready for Jake’s dick so Jake starts pumping away. He pounds Trey hard and deep in doggie and then missionary, Trey moaning with pleasure. The guys flip and now it’s Jake’s furry ass up in the air. Trey gets a mouthful and then stuffs Jake’s hairy hole full of cock. Jake strokes his raging hard-on while Trey fucks his tight ass. Trey drops a big, creamy load all over Jake’s boner and balls. Jake jerk’s his cummy cock until he blasts a thick cumshot of his own onto his ripped abs.

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Harry Louis is shooting a new Men At Play video!

Our cheeky Harry Louis made even more of a creamy mess than usual on set this week when he filmed a fun food fight duo with Menatplay. Harry took a face full of mashed potatoes, red wine and cream pie before shooting his own massive load of creamy cum. Look out for this fun messy story over the next few months!

This week, Harry also shot a new video for UK Naked Men with Shane Frost!

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Dominic Ford – Boyfriends: Ayden Marx & Rylan Shaw

The Boyfriend series returns with stud Ayden Marx and his 10-inch cock boyfriend, Rylan Shaw. These two are passionate, aggressive and clearly keep their relationship alive and fresh with amazing sex!

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Big Dicks At School – Practice On Me: Ayden Marx fucks Jessie Colter

School dean Jessie Colter isn’t convinced that prospective student Ayden Marx has what it takes to gain admission to his highly prestigious program. Ayden’s records show decent grades, but Jessie’s main concerns are what appears to be his lack of skills and interests. Ayden assures Jessie that he is talented, in fact he’s an amazing masseuse and could practice on Jessie right now…..

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CockyBoys – Gabriel Clark Destroys Seth Knight’s Hole

Have you ever heard the saying that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach? Cook him a nice meal and he’ll make love to you all night long. Hungry bottom boys have a similar saying- “Fuck their brains out and they’ll love you to death!” This is how Seth Knight fell in love with Gabriel Clark on the set of this scene. It was love at first thrust. I don’t think either one of them knew what they were feeling at first but as soon as Gabriel’s hard fucking cock started pounding into Seth Knight’s hungry boyhole – they knew this was the real thing. Gabriel was fucking the little twink so hard that I just stood there and gazed with amazement. If it wasn’t for Seth’s rock hard dick that was screaming “I’m Lovin’ it!!!” I would have considered dialing 911. The harder Gabriel was fucking the more Seth was begging to be fucked harder. At one point, I was pretty sure one of them was about to pass out. They were fucking as if it was the last time they’ll ever have sex again. You can’t fake this stuff. In the end, after Gabriel had covered the whole place with his cum (and drowned Seth in it too), they were both anxious to go at it again. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if Gabriel and Seth lived in the same city, they would be fucking right now as you’re reading this… while watching this scene… which is what everybody should do right now! Get it!

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PowerMen – Diego El Potro

Muscle spitfire Diego El Potro returns to play with your brain in his new dance and jo scene. Seems the powerful little muscleboy Diego had some new moves he wanted to share with you all, and we were only too happy to oblige! Check out his pulse-pounding beat, his toned muscles, hot abs, and backstage private after-party! Diego’s on fire tonight at!

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MuscleHunks – Gianluigi Volti

There’s a new man in town. He’s long and lean, hot and cold, and packed with powerful muscle head to toe. He’s Gianluigi Volti, a handsome, sunbaked 27-year old Sicilian muscleman with an extra-long tool and an extra-wide attitude. Ripped and always ready for whatever life throws his way, Gianluigi is something of a loner, and he prefers to take his time, cocksure that he’s well worth the wait. And at the end of the day, when this 5-card stud fires his weapon, it’s quite a load.

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