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UK Naked Men – Gay Bar or Bust ep 1: Positions to Fill – Harley Everett fucks Dean Monroe

Day five, and Dean has been interviewing for bar staff all day. The standard of applicants has been high, and fourth candidate Harley will have to work hard to impress to stand a chance of getting the job. Harley can mix a drink as well as the next guy, though he looks a lot better than the previous guy… he knows this could be one of the hottest gigs in town, and he’s willing to use all his talents to get hired – and Harley has many impressive talents…as Dean is about to find out…

Will Harley fill Dean with admiration? Will Dean keep his balance on just a couple of stools?
And who’s going to clean up that mess on the bar?

Tune in and find out.

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Naked Sword – The Stalker: The Shoot – Christian Wilde fucks Leo Forte

Feeling like he’s being pushed to the edge of sanity by a continuous stream of disturbing phone calls and letters, Brady Jensen leaves his apartment to head out for a drink. As he heads into the Powerhouse bar, he’s stopped by sexy, shaved-head stud Leo Forte, who informs him that the bar’s closed tonight for a porn shoot. Leo heads back into the bar where he runs into his perspective scene partner for the evening — tattooed hottie Christian Wilde. Like most sets, the crew is taking forever to set up, leaving tonight’s two stars — Leo and Christian — up to their own devices. They should be good little porn stars and wait for the director to yell, “Action!” but bored (and unable to control their unbridled sexual attraction to each other), they decide to “practice” for their upcoming scene. Not a very smart idea: As soon as Leo sets his sights on Christian’s pale blue eyes, and fat, rock-hard cock, there’s no stopping them. Meanwhile, Brady is heading back home. As he opens the door to his apartment, however, it seems as if there is someone waiting for him inside…

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The trailer of the 100th Raging Stallion movie BUILT TOUGH starring Zeb Atlas

I have already posted the dvd cover of the 100th Raging Stallion movie “BUILT TOUGH” starring Zeb Atlas and Landon Conrad. Today, thanks to The Sword, you can see the trailer of the movie below! The dvd will come out on 11th May and it also stars studio exclusives Tom WolfeJason MichaelsMicah Brandt with Morgan Black and Billy Berlin.

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Ty Roderick sucks his own dick while getting fucked by Dean Flynn

Ty Roderick has proven that he is a real sex pig in Trunks 7, where he gets fucked by muscle man Trenton Ducati. In the upcoming Hot House movie “Malpractice“, Ty shows off his other talent, self-sucking! In his scene with Dean Flynn, Ty plays an orderly who follows the doctor’s orders – no matter how inappropriate. Dean rolls Ty back on his shoulders so he can go deep… which gives Ty an idea. The harder Dean fucks him the closer Ty’s cock gets to his mouth, but can he do it? Yes he can! Ty can actually suck his own dick. If you could, would you ever leave the house?

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Paul Wagner and Scott Carter shooting for Men At Play [updated]

I’ve just read the news on the official Men At Play twitter: US porn star Paul Wagner is shooting for the UK based suit fetish studio! Paul arrived to London yesterday, and he has already started filming! His first scene partner is Scott Carter, but I’m sure he will shoot more videos!

Stay tuned for more pictures!

Update: Paul filmed another MAP scene with Leo Domenico and a surprise guest! He filmed 4 scenes altogether, 3 duo and 1 solo!

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Broke Straight Boys – Jason Matthews fucks Blake Savage

Blake Savage is back in the studio today and is in the more than capable hands of Jason Matthews.

As Jason got himself prepared by rolling on a condom and lubing up his dick, Blake couldn’t help but laugh at Jason’s talk of going after the ‘cherry’. Despite his nerves, Blake rolled over onto his stomach and spread his legs, ready to lose his cherry. Kneeling in between Blake’s thighs, Jason slowly worked his cock into Blake’s ultra tight ass. Once all the way in, Jason set a sedate pace as he allowed Blake to get used to the feel of a dick up his virgin ass. Blake gripped the mattress, a grimace across his face as he struggled to decide if he was feeling more pleasure or pain.

Jason sped up a little, his balls smacking into Blake’s ass on each thrust. Leaning forward, Jason was caught up in the moment and gave into temptation, kissing Blake between the shoulder blades and along his neck before nibbling on his ear. Letting his dick slide all the way out, Jason hopped off in order to let Blake roll over onto his back so that they could try a position that would be easier for Blake. With his legs spread wide, Blake groaned as Jason thrust back in and started to ride his ass deep and hard.

Speeding up, Jason set a steady pace even as Blake jerked himself off. By now, both boys had worked up a heavy sweat and it was only a matter of minutes before they both shot their loads. Blake was getting his ass pounded by a complete pro, however, was finding the new position much easier as he was feeling jolts of pleasure on every thrust. Jason was banging Blake so hard, Blake was in danger of being pushed off the bed entirely.

A moment later, Jason pulled out, ripped off the condom and started wanking. Only seconds later, Jason’s cum sprinkled over Blake’s stomach, hip and dick. Leaning back, Blake concentrated on getting off even as his hand flew up and down his cock shaft. As Jason watched, Blake shot cum over his stomach and treasure trail.

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Sean Cody – Landon fucks Ethan

“Dude, your dick is so fucking big!” Ethan said as he watched Landon approach with a raging hard-on. “It’s almost offensive!”

They both laughed. I was happy they were having a good time. Ethan, being the world traveller he is, had been away for a while.

“I think I’ve gone back and forth from coast to coast a total of two times now,” he told us. “Seen some crazy shit!”
“Oh yeah? And do you plan on sticking around here for a bit?”
“Well,” he replied, looking at Landon with a big smile. “Maybe after we cuddle a bit!”

They didn’t exactly cuddle, though, as Landon decided he wanted to try out Ethan’s big cock.Every time Landon sucks dick, his eyes water because he tries to deep throat as much as possible.

“I just want to give the best blow job I can,” he shared.
“So,” I said to Ethan after he’d received some wet, sloppy head. “Now that you’re back we’re going to throw you right into it.”
“Yeah?” he asked. He knew what I was going to say.
“Are you going to be able to take him?”
“Yeah, sure!” Ethan replied enthusiastically. “No problem…”

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Cocksure Men – Trevor Knight fucks Ty Roderick

Trevor Knight and Ty Roderick are having a nap when Trevor wakes up and is feeling frisky. He reaches around and starts to rub Ty’s bulge through his underwear. Ty wakes up to find Trevor kissing his chest and slowly working his way down to his thick dick. After getting his pole sucked Ty gets on his knees and works Trevor’s ginormous cock. Trevor is hard as steel and ready to fuck Ty’s tight ass. He gets down and gives Ty a sloppy rim-job and then slaps and hotdogs Ty’s backside. Trevor eases himself in and Ty takes it like a pro. He bobs up and down, engulfing every last inch of Trevor. Ty moans ecstatically while his hole gets reamed by Trevor in various positions. Trevor blasts a HUGE cumshot all over Ty then lays down next to him while they both furiously stroke their cocks. Ty jerks out a load onto his hard abs and then Trevor follows suit with a second copious cumshot. What studs!

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Big Dicks At School – Free Training: Sebastian Young fucks Riley Price and Bryce Star

The new Big Dicks At School video is out starring Sebastian Young, Riley Price and Bryce Star. The scene is called “Free Training“. Sebastian plays a personal trainer ,who offers a free training for one of his clients. Riley Price and Bryce Star have to please Sebastian, so he can decide which one of them would be a better client. Both Riley and Bryce get face fucked and pounded in the ass!

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TitanMen Rough – Loud and Nasty: Race Cooper and Leo Forte

Hard-muscled, shaved head studs Leo Forte and Race Cooper swap spit before Leo bends Race over a sling. Race’s latex jock frames his muscular ebony cheeks, which Leo pries apart to rub his buzzed scalp against his hole. Sexy, smirking Leo, in his rubber jock and red hankie, takes his time tonguing Race’s tight hole, barely started on the full-out ass assault he has planned. He throws Race into the sling and fastens Race’s booted feet up against the chains as Race hungrily fingers his own wet hole. Leo crouches down and greases up Race’s hole before working first one, then two, three, and four fingers inside Race, stretching him into a state of agonized bliss. Leo relishes Race’s tight and willing grip on his slick fist as Race closes his eyes, lost on a mind trip, grunting and screaming as Leo shoves in deeper, Leo strokes his thick, uncut meat as he slowly works his fist up to the wrist,totally owning Race’s ass. Race makes noises like a rutting animal as

Leo slides a series of enormous veined dildos up his ass, inching them in by slow degrees, knocking his fist against their bases, roughly jolting the deepest parts of Race. Then Leo finally slides his aching, uncut slab of meat into Race’s eager manhole. Leo grabs hold of the sling chains and jackhammers away until he pulls out and sprays white cum all over Race’s black six-pack. Race screams as Leo’s epic ass his load spurts all over
his chest. Leo wets him down with a stream of piss before learning in and swapping spit with his satisfied bottom.

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CockyBoys – Jake Bass fucks Alex Vaara

Jake Bass and Alex Vaara are like a match made in heaven. They are both young, cute, and full of cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move. Finally, the top in Jake Bass came out and it was time for Jake to reign. He got Alex all sweaty from the bike ride and then straight to the bedroom. He wasted no time getting him out of his clothes and forcing him down on his knees. Jake turns Alex around and leaves his finger prints on Alex’s white bottom cheeks. He starts rimming Alex’s hole and you could tell little Jake wasn’t going to stop at nothing to get that thing stuffed and plowed like it’s the first and last time he’ll ever fuck a hole! Yes, indeed, it really was the perfect weekend!

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