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Xtra Inches – Race Cooper and Shay Michaels

Race Cooper is working on his ripped body when fellow gym rat Shay Michaels hustles over to join him. He locks onto Race’s lips and they kiss before he works his way feverishly up and down his chest and washboard abs. Shay then falls to his knees to suck Race’s thick licorice stick. Race counters by bending Shay forward to attack him from behind. He pulls the big hunk’s cock back between his thick ham hock thighs and sucks away before rimming his asshole. Before long the men are on the floor with Race getting drilled up the ass as Shay charges in and out.

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Stag Homme – Spunk: Adrian Toledo and Damien Crosse

Spunk” stars Adrian Toledo and Damien Crosse in this colorful and vibrant fuck flick that features plenty of hot rimming, sucking, oral cumshots and watersports as well as scorching hot fucking. And of course a feature called Spunk has got to have plenty of spunk…and boy it has plenty…with it’s 4 fat loads splashing the screen in this colorful fuck-piece that will make you an instant Stag Homme fan!!

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CockyBoys – Name of the Game

In New York City, the name of the game is survival. Moonlighting as an escort, Tommy Defendi is an aspiring artist who has to hustle for every dollar. His friend Phenix Saint is a maverick tattoo artist yearning to take his art to the next level. Together they induct doe-eyed Mason Star, a newcomer to NYC, into their group.

All three guys have one thing in common: they will do whatever is needed to achieve their goals… even if it means fucking their way to the top.

Also starring Marc Dylan, Kennedy Carter, Gabriel and Turk Mason, “Name of the Game” is the first scripted feature from It’s a story of how three friends would do anything–and fuck anyone–in order to survive in the city that never sleeps.

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Rafael Carreras barebacking with Brandon Hawk!!!

Raw Fuck Club his just released a new video starring Rafael Carreras and Brandon Hawk doing bareback sex!!! I don’t know if Rafael has ever done bareback on camera, but I was pretty surprised.

Rafael has mostly done movies for Lucas Entertainment, his latest movie The Last Day has just released, where he has a flip flop scene with Damien Crosse!

Raw Fuck Club writes:

Insanely hot Cuban muscle top Rafael Carreras drops by and meets our resident bottom Brandon Hawk and let’s just say they hit it off. Rafael pulled out huge 10″ uncut cock and Brandon was right on top of it, milking and worshipping every inch before having his load forcefully fucked out of him all over the office.



Raging Stallion Paysite – Max Marshall Fucks Parker Perry

Parker Perry goes down on the Max Marshall‘s thick tool, impressing him with his oral skills. Max is soon returning the favor, sliding his tongue inside the young recruit’s tasty foreskin to savor the fleshy overhang. Then Max buries his face between Parker’s buttcheeks and eats out his ass. He moistens the tight opening, making it slick enough for him to slam his hard cock in and out. Bent forward and on all fours, Parker arches his back and cries out with pleasure, begging for more. Parker finally shoots his load all over his hairy chest and a satisfied Max follows suit, unloading his jism all over.

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BentleyRace – Rafael Carreras

I’ve been a huge fan of this beautiful big dicked porn star for a really long time. So you can imagine how excited I was that I not only going to get to meet him while I was in New York, but I was also going to get to shoot with him! Rafael Carreras is an incredibly sweet guy and had no problem stripping down naked on that chilly afternoon in New York. He even jumped up on the giant window sill to give a little show for the tourists milling around the NY Public Library over the road. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot. Cuban born Rafael was rock hard the whole time as I shot around him. Eventually I set the video camera rolling while Rafael proceeded to jack off on the couch and in the window. Eventually I joined Rafael, sucking on that huge cock and bringing him close to exploding. Then I grabbed the camera again just in time to get in to position for his big cum shot, and then licked the remaining cum off his cock.

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Big Dicks At School – Captain’s Test: Troy Collins and Arpad Miklos

Troy Collins really wants to be the team captain and he thinks he has what it takes, but that will be upto the team coach Arpad Miklos of course. Coach Miklos tells Troy that he must be willing to do anything to be the team captain. Troy is unfazed and assures the coach that he is ready and willing to do anything needed. The coach explains that there is a two part test to be captain, first a physical examination and if that makes the coach hard the second test is deep throating!

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Lucas Raunch – Raunch King Antonio Biaggi Owns Roy Jones’ Submissive Ass

Whenever hardcore gay pornstar Antonio Biaggi shows up on set, it’s a guaranteed raunch fest, and he doesn’t disappoint this time around! His bottom whore for this scene is Roy Jones, who takes no greater pleasure in sex than being treated like the bottom bitch he is. Rest assured, Antonio is more than willing to help out in that department! Antonio’s weapon of choice is his big, hard, and uncut 10-inch dick, and Roy drops to his knees to worship it with his gagging throat. Roy’s lips are not allowed to take a rest while they are used in the service of Antonio’s pleasure. The guys get hot and heavy, and their dicks start letting loose geysers of piss! Antonio bends Roy over and washes down his asshole before stretching it out with his massive dick. Roy starts by bending over and clutching the edge of the table; he squints and clenches his teeth as Antonio slips into his backend, barely able to handle it! But Antonio doesn’t take any nonsense from his bottom, and he stretches himself out on the table so Roy can park his ass right on Antonio’s erection! Roy rides Antonio like a bitch in heat, who hold his cheeks open for the deepest penetration possible. After Antonio bangs the hell out of Roy while he’s on his back and bent over, the bottom cums right before Antonio showers him with one more wave of piss and drops his own load!

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Lucas Entertainment – In Hot Pursuit: Vito Gallo and Christopher Daniels

If Vito is going to earn his prize, then he needs to play by Chris’ game. Filled with both resentment and envy, he takes bartender Adam Killian’s advice and raises money any way possible — even begging — to get himself a suit. It’s a transformation: Vito is decked to the nines and ready to impress Chris, who might be a powerful businessman in the world of gentlemen, but behind closed doors he’s a submissive bottom ready to take Vito’s cock, which is substantial in size. Chris first challenges himself to swallow it, opening his throat wide enough to let Vito go balls deep in his mouth. Chris and Vito have strong chemistry as their suits loosen up, and Vito can’t help but lap up Chris’ cock. Along with Chris’ amazing cock is his supple ass, and Vito doesn’t hesitate from taking a taste, and that one lick turns into a full-blown rimjob! The boys get plenty hard with lots of mutual dick sucking before Chris proves just how deep he can handle it. Bending over and exposing his ass completely to Vito, the new boss top enters into the blond bottom balls deep, showing no hesitation and fucking his prize and with fervor! Chris proves his skills as a bottom when he straddles and sits right down on Vito’s cock, riding him until he busts his nut! It’s too much for Vito to take, seeing the man of his dreams cum hard from his fucking, and he too shoots his load on Chris!

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Drill My Hole – Impatient Patient: Jacob Durham & Sebastian Young

Sebastian Young is in distress, he’s now into hour four of having a never-ending, blood pressure lowering hard-on. Sebastian absolutely panic stricken, heads to a local clinic – he needs to see a doctor now! Jacob Durham is the receptionist on duty at the clinic when Sebastian arrives. Jason kindly explains to Sebastian that the doctor is on lunch and will be back soon, but Sebastian is sure that if something isn’t done right now his dick will explode! Jason may not be an MD but he’s pretty sure he can handle this impatient patient!

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Men At Play – In Deep with Cavin Knight

US Star Cavin Knight arrived on UK shores this week, ready to show us that Americans can rock a suit just as well as our British guys, and indeed he did. In his suit and tie Cavin reminds me of a slick masculine Mad Men type . But his self-controlled stoic character masks a completely different persona altogether. Once the suit begins to come off bit by bit. we see a perfectly muscled physique that would make any professional athlete green with envy. But its when the trousers come off that we see the ass bearing jockstrap which Calvin just loves to wear under his suit, allowing him easy access to his tight hole whenever he may feel the need…. and when he does he just locks his office doors and gives his ass a good fucking with his favourite toy.

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