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Adam Killian and his boyfriend Marco Milan fuck each other bareback at Lucas Entertainment

Adam Killian is one of the biggest gay porn stars. He filmed dozens of movies, won many awards, but Lucas Entertainment‘s latest scene is a first for him! You may know that Adam is the studio’s new creative director, but he also performs in their videos.

In Lucas Entertainment’s new video, he flip-fucks his real-life boyfriend and porn newcomer Marco Milan for the first time on camera, and….he fucks him RAW!!! Yes, this new video is Adam Killian’s bareback debut from the studio’s upcoming DVD called Adam Killian: Raw Wet Dream.”  The DVD will be for sale in stores on June 13. After Adam hammers Marco’s ass, he hops on top of his own lover’s cock and takes a bareback ride until they shoot their loads! 

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The response to Lucas Entertainment’s debut bareback film collection has been overwhelming, and I’m excited to take viewers to new sensory heights with ‘Raw Wet Dream’. The best part of shooting this movie was that I got to share the experience with the most important person in my life, my sexy partner,’” says Adam, who both tops and bottoms with his real-life lover Marco Milan in their first-ever raw scene.

Working behind the camera with Lucas Entertainment has allowed me to convey a vision of temptation, pleasure, and fantasy that offers our viewers uncensored access to the hottest sex of our performers’ lives,” says Adam. “With ‘Raw Wet Dream,’ we’re indulging the performers and admirers alike. And as is typical of Lucas Entertainment’s commitment to producing the most memorable, highest-quality work in the industry, the results showcase the farthest limits of gratifying raw sex.

The hot couple also stars in a big bareback orgy video (coming on May 30), which also features Fabio Lopez, Tomas Brand, Valentino Medici, Fostter Riviera, Marco Sessions, Ivan Gregory, Logan Moore and Lars Svenson!

Watch Adam and Marco fuck at Lucas Entertainment


Watch Adam and Marco fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Watch Adam and Marco fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Coming soon to GayHoopla LIVE SHOWS: Brad Spear, Ajay Laws & Hank Young

Something to pick up your cocks! GayHoopla has some of the hottest webcam performers and I have great news for you, because they are introducing 3 new models in the upcoming weeks! Meet Brad Spear, Ajay Laws, & Hank Young coming soon to GayHoopla LIVE SHOWS (every night @ 7PM PST FREE).

Watch the hottest webcam shows at GayHoopla

Brad Spear: His new feature is actually coming out very soon but he is the first new model who wants to do LIVE shows. He is full of energy and definitely a pleaser

brad spear gayhoopla

brad spear

brad spear 1

Ajay Laws: Funny guy with loads of personality. He will be one of the first debuts for the GayHoopla LIVE shows. A Must See!

ajay laws gayhoopla

ajay laws 2

ajay laws 3

ajay laws 4

ajay laws 5

hank young gayhoopla

Hank Young: Such a genuine person. Hank truly is a nice guy that has a mid western tone, and lumberjack body. His ass is to die for.

hank young 6

hank young 1

hank young 2

hank young 3

hank young 4

Watch the hottest webcam shows at GayHoopla

Pegasus Studios has launched a brand new porn site,!

Pegasus Studios is pleased to announce the launch of a new website,, featuring brand new and legacy content that is meant to appeal to all lifestyles and orientations by offering gay, bi and straight content on one platform.

Pegasus Studios began shooting new content in Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale early this year and have been filming at least 2 new scene per week. Over 75 scenes are now published on the new website and plans are to release 2 to 3 scenes per week continuously on the site.

The website’s video scenes come in a singular video format, available to be viewed using any device, including desktop and mobile. Subscribers have access to a system in which the videos are available ‘download-to own,’ free of DRM.

You can see Angel Rock, Ray Han, Chris Bines, Sean Duran, Leo Sweetwood, Logan Vaughn, AJ Monroe and many other hot porn models performing in Pegasus Studios‘ new videos!

Check out this new gay porn site


Check out this new gay porn site

Cock Fight! – Match 3: Adam Ramzi flip-fucks Landon Conrad [Raging Stallion] + Get $10 OFF

The third match of Raging Stallion‘s Cock Fight! is now online! Landon Conrad flip-fucks Adam Ramzi in the last match before the big finale (coming on May 23)! Who’s the best fucker in this match? It’s up to you to decide!

Shawn Wolfe and sexy porn stars Landon Conrad and Adam Ramzi lay it all on the line in Cock Fight!, the first ever Raging Stallion movie to World Premiere on Watch all intense and competitive action in the four scenes – three head-to-head matches and one all-out, winner-takes-all three way – in this “Battle of the Sexiest” and vote for your favourite. The contestant with the most votes will be given the title of Cock Fight! Champion and will receive a $1,500 cash prize!

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Watch Adam and Landon fuck at Raging Stallion


Watch Adam and Landon fuck at Raging Stallion

Watch Adam and Landon fuck at Raging Stallion


➤ Cock Fight! – Match 1: Landon Conrad vs. Shawn Wolfe


➤ Cock Fight! – Match 2: Adam Ramzi vs. Shawn Wolfe


Charlie Harding bangs Ricky Decker in “The Virgin Hunter 1” at Str8 To Gay premieres a brand new Str8 To Gay  porn parody “The Virgin Hunter!” In Part 1 of this new series, Ricky Decker gets his ass fucked by Charlie Harding! This is Ricky’s second video, so if you missed his first, click HERE for the photos and the trailer!

On May 25th, the studio is going to release “R.O.T.C.” starring Ricky Decker and Haigan Sence! You can watch the hardcore trailer here!

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Watch Charlie and Ricky fuck at Str8 To Gay


Watch Charlie and Ricky fuck at Str8 To Gay

Watch Charlie and Ricky fuck at Str8 To Gay

Dylan Strokes creampies Jay Brix’s tight hole at Raw Fuck Club

West-coast top stud Dylan Strokes is fondled and groped by sexy Jay Brix the minute he walks into the locker room. Seconds later, Dylan’s cock is in Jay’s mouth before plowing his nice tight hole and loading him up. Don’t miss this hot video at!

Watch Dylan and Jay fuck at Raw Fuck Club


Watch Dylan and Jay fuck at Raw Fuck Club

Watch Dylan and Jay fuck at Raw Fuck Club

Raging Stallion is filming a new movie “Gran Vista” starring Dario Beck and Abraham Al Malek

It’s been only a few days since Raging Stallion finished shooting “The Tourist” starring Rogan RichardsBruno BoniPacoDario BeckAlessio VenezianoDonato Reyes and Abraham Al Malek (behind the scenes photos HERE, HERE and HERE), but the studio has already started filming a new movie called “Vista Grande!”

Raging Stallion‘s photographer Kent Taylor and director Bruno Bond are tweeting photos from the set, so make sure you follow them on Twitter!

I only have pictures of two cast members, Dario Beck and Abraham Al Malek, but I’ll keep you updated once I know the rest of the models in “Gran Vista!”

Watch the hottest muscle men fuck at Raging Stallion


Watch the hottest muscle men fuck at Raging Stallion

Exclusive interview with gay porn newcomer David Benjamin!

I’ve published many behind the scenes photos from the set of Hot House‘s upcoming movie “Trunks 8,” which stars gay porn newcomer David Benjamin, but we don’t know much about this sexy man. I asked him to do an interview for my blog a month ago, but it took some time till he could send his answers, because the studios keep him very busy, and that’s a great sign!

Right now, David is on the set of his very first group scene also starring Logan Vaughn, Sam TruittCody AvalonTrent Ferris and Jake Jennings! He is filming a new movie for Channel 1 Releasing (directed by Chi Chi LaRue), and you can see some behind the scenes photos if you click here!

Below you can read David’s article about shooting his very first porn scene, then he answers my interview questions! Enjoy!

Since as long as I can remember, or at least since I watched my first porn, I always wondered – what is it like to be on the set of a porn movie? I assumed that it was raunchy, sexy, undisciplined fun; a modern day bacchanal, equal parts Nero and Caligula. However, as with most things in life, the reality did not live up to the fantasy.

hot-house-trunks-8-david-benjamin-3I walked onto my first porn set last week in Palm Springs, CA. I was there to shoot my first porn scene ever, a poolside romp called “Trunks 8” for Hot House Entertainment and directed by Christian Owen. I wasn’t shooting that day but didn’t have anything better to do so I was invited to set with the promise that I would be quiet and stay out of everyone’s way.

The scene was already in the process of being shot. Despite the 103 Degree temperature and the lack of shade poolside, three models were doing their best to look sexy while contorting their sunburned bodies into a series of unnatural (awkward) positions.

“We need to get you guys from the pool to over here on the grass,” said the director.

One model got up and began to walk over to the patch of grass, but was stopped.

“No, we need you to go back and then transition over to the grass.”

Sullenly, the model resumed his position (getting rimmed on all 4s in the shallow end of the pool). The director called action, and the rimming resumed. After about 15 seconds of moaning and groaning the model muttered something about moving to the grass, and the three men then stood and walked to the grass.

“Cut,” shouted the director and he and the three models went into a huddle to discuss their next position.

Needless to say, my first time on a porn set was not nearly as sexy or hedonistic as I hoped it might be….lol…but what did I really expect! The reality is that porn is more illusion than reality. Yes there is sex going on….yes, the models may even be enjoying the experience, but at the end of the day it is a production: a series of images, vignettes pasted together into a glossy package designed to elicit lust and fantasy in the minds of the viewer.

But the truth is, the illusion be damned. After years of wondering if I could do it, and what it would be like…here I am! I hope you enjoy my debut performance in Trunks 8. If you’re interested in learning more about what its like breaking into the porn industry, or are just interested in seeing me in action, please follow me @davidbenjamin or on Facebook.

Who knows what the future holds, but I can promise you — it won’t be dull 🙂
David Benjamin


Hi David! First of all congrats on your Ducati Models contract, I’m sure Trenton Ducati and Mike Youens will take good care of you! Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Thanks Andy! I’m very excited to introduce myself to you and your readers and even more excited to be working with Trenton and Michael at Ducati Models. They have such combined experience and success in the industry that, for a new guy like me, is invaluable 🙂

How old are you? Where are you from?

LOL, I get this question all the time and the truth is that I am much older than I look. I’ll be 40 in a few months! I grew up in the Midwest but have lived in Washington, D.C. for over 15 years…so DC is home.

How’d you become interested in porn?

It seems like I’ve always been interested in porn, but my first exposure to it came as a 12 y/o when I discovered my dad’s porn magazines in his closet.

As for doing porn, well that’s been in the back of my mind since I was in my 20’s. I just wasn’t in a place in my life to do much about it until recently.

Top or bottom? Which do you prefer and what’s your favourite position?

That’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child – not gonna happen! I’m 100% versatile.

You have some nice ink, tell us the story behind them.

The Hebrew on my chest is a quote from my favorite book, East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The word is “Timshel” which very loosely translated means “free will”. The map on my shoulder comes from my lifelong fascination with cartography. Finally, the birds on my left arm represent different family members.

What are you doing to stay in shape? What’s your workout routine?hot-house-trunks-8-david-benjamin-1

Well, I am a certified personal trainer and love the gym. As a result, I spend a lot of time there. I workout 5-6x a week and watch what I eat.

My workout routine depends on my particular goals at the time. But in general, I prefer split routines (picking 1 or 2 muscle groups to work out each day) as opposed to cross training or circuit training. Say, for example, I want to trim down and tighten up. I’ll lighten the weight and do 10 reps with 3-5 sets. Alternately, if I’m trying to gain strength and size, I’ll lift heavy, 5-8x with 4-6 sets. As for cardio, I’m blessed with a high metabolism so cardio has never been a big part of my routine.

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Give us one performer you’d love to do a scene with.

Would you laugh if I said “Make love with my husband on the first night of our honeymoon?”

Hmmm….so many ideas. My top 3 are: Trenton Ducati, (confidence is so sexy) Billy Santoro (modesty and a sense of humor are real turn ons), Landon Conrad (ok…Landon’s, just plain ole hot). Honorable mentions to Francis Sagat, Adam Killian, Jake Decker, and Shawn Wolfe.

What’s the dirtiest or sexiest thing you’ve ever done?

The sexiest thing I have done is make out for what seemed like a half hour with my fiancé while watching a movie. At the end I felt like I was 17 again and had just made out for the first time 🙂

As for the dirtiest…hmmmm….how about being a gang bang bottom 🙂

Anything kinky you’re into?

I’ve experimented a lot sexually but personally I like groups….I’m a huge exhibitionist and having sex in groups for me is a lot of fun.

Are you gay, bi, or straight?

I am gay.


What is your opinion on the gay for pay performers and bareback sex?

I don’t have a problem with performers who identify as straight working in gay porn. What does bother me are people who fetishize straight men in gay situations, and people who try and make money off of gay men who fetishize straight men in gay situations. There is something unhealthy about wanting someone, anyone, who has no interest in you. It is a waste of time, and if unchecked, can be emotionally damaging….even in a fantasy situations.

Are you open and out to all of your friends and family about gay porn?

Some yes, but I have not broadcast it to my family and friends. The ones who are interested in gay porn will soon find out and my hope is that we can talk more openly about our shared interests. For those who have no interest in gay porn, there is less to discuss.

Is this a career you want to stick with or is it just a quick in-and-out?

I’m taking it one step at a time. I mean, I have just shot my first scene! However, I’m open to learning more about the production and business sides of the business. I am a curious man by nature and porn is my latest curiosity….let’s hope it remains so for some time 🙂

Do you have a message for my readers?

I am hopeful that it is the beginning of an interesting and happy new chapter in my life. I hope you and you’re readers join on Facebook ( and Twitter (@DavidBenjaminX) as I answer your questions and share the experience of what it’s like to break into the porn industry. For good or bad, it will be a fun and interesting ride 🙂

Thanks for taking time to talk with me, hopefully we’ll be getting to know each other better in the days and months ahead!


Casting News: Bruno Boni, Rogan Richards, Tony Orion, Sean Duran, David Benjamin & more

Raging Stallion has finished shooting “The Tourist!” With Rogan Richards in the leading role, I’m sure this movie will be a huge success for the studio, because it also stars some of the hottest porn models like Bruno Boni, Paco, Dario Beck, Alessio Veneziano, Donato Reyes and Abraham Al Malek! You can see more behind the scenes photos HERE and HERE!

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Channel 1 Releasing director Chi Chi LaRue tweeted some photos from the set of the studio’s upcoming movie starring Sean Duran, Tony Orion, David Benjamin, James Hamilton, Sam Truitt, Logan Vaughn and Mario Costa! Click HERE to see more bts pics!

In the first photo, you can see David Benjamin filming his first group scene with Logan Vaughn, Sam Truitt, Cody Avalon, Trent Ferris and Jake Jennings!





➤ Here is a hot photo from the set of an upcoming Raw Fuck Club video starring Blue Bailey, Adam Russo, Dean Brody, Jay Brix and Dylan Strokes.



Dirk Caber tweeted this cute photo from the set of his upcoming video also starring Dylan Drive!



➤ Hot porn newcomer Sergi Rodriguez filmed a scene with Adam Dacre for Alpha Males!



➤ Here are some preview photos from UK Naked Men‘s upcoming video starring Jonny Kingdom and porn newcomers, Damian Gomez and Jake Richards.


BAREBACK DEBUTS: Adam Killian, Marco Milan, Logan Moore, Ivan Gregory, Marco Session and more

Wow! Lucas Entertainment has just updated their calendar, and I think May is going to be to studio’s hottest month ever, because hey have tons of new condom-free videos to show us! In March, the studio filmed lots of videos in Berlin, and I showed you many behind the scenes photos you can see HERE, HERE and HERE!

This post’s title needs no explanation, but I can’t wait to see Marco MilanAdam KillianMarco SessionsFostter RivieraIvan Gregory and sexy porn newcomer Logan Moore‘s bareback debut! Are you excited?! I AM!!

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First of all, Lucas Entertainment is going to release Adam Killian‘s very first bareback scene on May 16th, which also stars his real-life boyfriend, Marco Milan, who makes his porn debut in this video.

UPDATE: This scene is now online on!!!!!



On May 19th, you can watch Marco Sessions, Ivan Gregory (Ivor Duvenghage) and Fostter Riviera‘s bareback debut. This is also Ivan and Fostter’s very first Lucas Entertainment scene.



On May 23rd, the studio is going to released a raw scene starring porn newcomer Joseph Rough and David Lambert.



Tomas Brand and Valentino Medici seduce Fabio Lopez on May 26th! This is also Tomas’ second bareback scene!



Lucas Entertainment choose a very hot update for 30th May, which is a big orgy scene starring 9 men!!!!! You’ll see Marco Milan, Adam Killian, Tomas Brand, Valentino Medici, Marco Sessions, Fostter Riviera, Ivan Gregory, Lars Svenson and porn newcomer Logan Moore!. I think this condom-free orgy is going to blow our mind!!!


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