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Dominic Ford – Gavin Waters fucks Jake Steel

Gavin Waters is looking hotter than ever, and spending most of his days this summer shirtless at the beach. Jake Steel is also looking hot, and he was looking for some fun relief from the city. We got the two together on our original set in NYC and found out the two had been hoping to have sex with each other for a long time. All we did was sit back and watch as these two guys did what they had been longing to do forever: fuck each other’s brains out. We certainly enjoyed watching it, and I think you will too!

Watch Jake and Gavin at Dominic Ford

Watch Jake and Gavin at Dominic Ford

Cocksure Men – John Magnum fucks Troy Collins

Perhaps the only thing sexier than Troy Collins lips are seeing them wrapped around a monster cock, and John Magnum’s got just that. Troy somehow manages to deep throat John, which is a feat considering his girth. John is no slouch in the oral department either. John Magnum fingers Troy’s ass while giving him a blow job he’ll be sure to remember. As great as John’s fingers feel, Troy Collins wants his fat cock inside his ass. John parks his thick pole deep down Troy’s hole and thrusts away. Troy works his cock while John continues to plow him. Both guys moan loudly as the intensity builds. The action reaches a fever pitch and John pulls out to blow his load all over Troy’s balls. With John Magnum still squeezing every last drop out onto his sac, Troy Collins jerks out his own sweet juice onto his stomach and chest.

Watch John and Troy at Cocksure Men

Watch John and Troy at Cocksure Men

Club Inferno Dungeon – Hole Busters 5: Spencer Reed and Randall O’Reilly

Randall O’Reilly told us he wanted his hole busted by a muscleman so we called in Spencer Reed. Spencer dives right in to Randall’s fresh young hole, loosening him up with his meaty fingers. Next Spencer chooses a medium size dildo and works it in and out of the young stud’s ass. He teases Randall with a game; he wants to see how many balls Randall can take up his ass at once. As soon as he gets two balls up there, Spencer shoves the dildo in Randall’s hole too. The DP continues until Randall begs him to stop but Spencer shows him no mercy. He grabs the inflatable and pushes Randall to new limits. The kid proves to be such a little pig Spencer grabs a marker and writes it on Randall’s ass for all the world to see.

Watch Spencer and Randall at Club Inferno Dungeon

Watch Spencer and Randall at Club Inferno Dungeon

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Use the ‘QP8’ promo code at Radvideo!


Use the ‘QP8’ promo code at Radvideo!

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Raging Stallion releases “Revved Up!” (Monster Bang)

Revved Up! is an overheated thrill ride with a cast of sweaty studs who get their motorcycles and their sex-drives racing at full throttle. They have the huge-cocked, high-impact sex a Monster Bang feature always delivers. Exclusive stars Jesse Santana, Derek Parker and Angelo Marconi take on Spencer Reed, Kyle King, Mitch Vaughn, Fabio Stallone, Race Cooper and Ty Roderick in four scenes of nonstop sex. These huge-dicked, bad-ass fuckers are gripped with a rough lust that demands to be released. Director Tony Dimarco keeps the hot action accelerating in this all-out, spit drenched excursion into stud-sex, and the thrill’s so great for these Revved Up! men that they just keep shifting into a higher gear. Hop on for this wild ride that will have you getting off again and again!

Starring: Jesse Santana, Derek Parker, Angelo Marconi, Spencer Reed, Kyle King, Mitch Vaughn, Fabio Stallone, Race Cooper, Ty Roderick

Buy ‘Revved Up!’ at Raging Stallion

Buy ‘Revved Up!’ at Raging Stallion

Hard Friction – Insatiable: Jimmy Durano fucks Calvin Koons

Lights up! Body perfect Jimmy Durano and sexy boy Calvin Koons are lip-locked in an embrace. Jimmy stares into Calvin’s eyes as he pushes him down his chiseled abs to reach for his perfect tight butthole. Calvin is so turned on and he pulls Jimmy’s thick curved cock out of his shorts and makes him a meal. He slobbers all over his nob, spitting and pleasuring Jimmy throat deep. Jimmy moves in and eats Calvin’s smooth round bubble butt. Lubing him up with his own spit as to enter him. Calvin saddles up and rides Jimmy, doing all the leg work. He humps himself on this hung Brazilian! The camera angel plunges you deep into the penetration, thick cock and gaping sloppy hole. Position two has Jimmy dominating from behind, but that doesn’t stop little Calvin from humping on his rod like a dog in heat. In the end, Calvin is the greedy cum guzzler as streams of white heat jet across his face. Calvin face gets creamed as he moans and squeezes out the last of his own juices before he falls into Jimmy’s arms.

Watch Jimmy and Calvin at Hard Friction

Watch Jimmy and Calvin at Hard Friction

Str8 To Gay – Curiosity Killed The Cock: Spencer Fox fucks Tyler Sweet

Spencer Fox fucks Tyler Sweet in the new Str8 To Gay video “Curiosity Killed The Cock” by!

Tyler Sweet is caught red handed fucking himself with a dildo and verbally fantasizing about his straight friend Spencer Fox. Curiosity gets the better of both guys and Tyler finds himself getting pounded by a 9″ cock!

Watch Spencer and Tyler at Str8 To Gay

Watch Spencer and Tyler at Str8 To Gay

Men At Play – Scott Carter is Cocky Boy

Check out Scott Carter showing off his big muscles in the latest Men At Play video called “Cocky Boy“! Scott is in a locker room, looking at his solid muscles after a hard work out session. He really likes the result, even his cock gets hard, and being alone in the room, he jerks off that huge meat!

Watch Scott Carter at Men At Play

Watch Scott Carter at Men At Play

Lucas Entertainment – Drain Your Load: Adrain Long fucks Kyle Quinn

Adrian long fucks Kyle Quinn the the last scene of Lucas Entertainment’s “Drain Your Load“!

Playboy Adrian Long knows what he likes: sex! And the more he has it, the happier he is. He’s cruising the city of Montreal in broad daylight when he spots young hottie Kyle Quinn, who is receptive to each and every one of Adrian’s seductive glances. Adrian entices Kyle to follow him back to his room where they share some kissing before Adrian sits down and waits for the ash-blond cutie to start working on his uncut cock. Kyle never disappoints his man, and he immediately sets on his task of sucking Adrian’s cock with all the skill he can muster, which is considerable. Kyle opens up his throat and purses his lips: with each slurp and suck, Adrian doesn’t waste one second enjoying all of the attention his dick is receiving. Adrian isn’t totally selfish, and he invites Kyle to relax a bit while he returns the favor of sucking him off and eating out his ass. But Adrian also has an ulterior motive: it prepares Kyle for when he’s bent over by Adrian for a deep ass fucking. Kyle winces at first when Adrian penetrates him, but soon yearns for each and every thrust he delivers from position to position! When you’re finished, get ready for cum!

Watch Adrian and Kyle at Lucas Entertainment

Watch Adrian and Kyle at Lucas Entertainment

Sean Cody – Grayson cums twice while getting fucked by Marshall

There is a saying that “opposites attract” and with these two it couldn’t have been more true. Grayson brought his high, goofy energy, while Marshall brought his pure aggressive dominance. Mix those two together and you get a lot of fun!

Marshall was carrying some stress from a busy week, and he was happy that Grayson offered to give him a massage.

“You have a flawless body,” Grayson said, unable to keep his hands off Marshall. He was literally exploring every nook and cranny!
“Shhhh… go back to rubbing my back,” Marshall winked at him, smiling and pulling his hands back on his bare skin.

Grayson was chomping at the bit, until he saw Marshall’s dick for the first time.

“Wow! I’m having second thoughts about being a bottom! That thing is HUGE!
“Yeah, it has its own heartbeat!” Marshall replied. He loved the attention!

From that point on it was almost impossible to get Grayson to do anything but play with Marshall’s cock.

“Its huge,” Grayson said. “Its like my own personal play toy. I can slap it, wear it like a watch, bounce things off it, it’s fucking ridiculous!”

Once they started fucking, though, Grayson just focused on that huge cock penetrating his hole.

“How does it feel now that you’ve ridden it?” I asked.
He took a deep breath and said, “It feels sooooo fucking good!
“Biggest cock you’ve ever had in you?”
“By a fucking mile!”

The fucking went on, with both men sweating all over each other. It seemed each thrust went deeper than the previous one. Marshall was able to drill two loads out of Grayson’s cock — back to back!

“I feel used and abused,” Grayson moaned. “And I like it!” He rolled off the couch with a big smile and crawled, exhausted, into the other room!

Watch Grayson and Marshall at Sean Cody

Watch Grayson and Marshall at Sean Cody

Falcon Studios – Couples: Landon Conrad fucks Trey Turner

Falcon Studios Man of the Year, Landon Conrad, wakes up in his lavish loft with his partner, dark sexy stud, Trey Turner nibbling on his nipple. Under their covers, they’re both sporting major morning wood. This is award winning cock from both parties, totaling well over 18 inches of man meat in need of morning relief.

They get to it, exchanging expert blow jobs, and even get a little 69 action in before Landon buries his face deep into Trey’s golden brown ass cheeks. Landon plays Trey’s hole with his tongue, knowing he’s going to shortly pierce it with his cock.

The way Landon’s cock is totally consumed by Trey’s tight hole is enough to get anyone edging, and Trey knows how to ride a cock. He moans and he groans as he works his bubble ass over Landon’s stunning meat, and then he bends over Landon drive it deeper.

What really sends Trey over the top is laying back and spreading his legs wide so Landon can hit all the right spot. Landon rams and jams until Trey shoots a milky white load on his ripped abs and Landon pulls out shortly and sprays his jizz as well.

Watch Landon and Trey at Falcon Studios

Watch Landon and Trey at Falcon Studios

CockyBoys – Project GoGo Boy ep. 3: Stephen Forest fucks Jake Bass

In the first episode of Project GogoBoy, we saw Max Ryder and Pierre Fitch sneak away from the DJ booth to have an elevator tryst, ruining Jake Bass‘s set in the process. This week, we see Max and Jake doing what frenemies do best: shopping and being snarky! Throughout the entire outing, Jake can’t stop ribbing Max about hooking up with Pierre, harping over and over again about Max’s “Pierre obsession”. Max tries not to let it bother him, but later that night, when Max discovers Jake’s been spreading rumors, the tension comes to a head and the boys explode into an epic fight, moving officially from “frenemies” to just plain “enemies.”

Now that Max and Jake’s friendship is on the rocks, Jake decides to try to drive a wedge between Max and Pierre by cozying up to Pierre. While gossiping by the pool, Jake spills to Pierre that he’s got a hot date that night with an iPad boy from the club.

This iPad boy, Stephen Forest, wasn’t always an iPad boy. In fact, he used to be one of the best dancers at XL. But Jake Bass has a policy to never date other gogoboys (“It’s way too much drama”), and he really wanted Stephen. “I didn’t get him fired,” Jake says. “I gave him an opportunity to be with me.” Stephen was confused by his sudden demotion, but seems to totally forget that he’s no longer a dancer when he and Jake go out that night. Even with Max lurking in the background, Jake and Stephen manage to have a great time, dancing, touching, and fucking the night (and morning) away.

Watch Stephen and Jake at Cocky Boys


Watch Stephen and Jake at Cocky Boys