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Spencer Reed is filming with Marxel Rios for C1R

Looks like we have new posts about Spencer Reed every single day, but it’s great news, right?! I’ve already written about Spencer filming in Fort Lauderdale for (LINK), he shot a fetish scene with Drake Jaden (spitting, pissing etc.) and today he shot another one with Marxel Rios! Looks like the guys are having a great time filming with Chi Chi LaRue!

Make sure you follow them on Twitter for new pics: @SpencerReedXXX @DJChiChiLaRue

Club Inferno – Foul Play: Jimmy Durano & Jake Perry

The hottest guys on the team hit the locker room after practice. When Jake Perry opens his locker his stash of dildos falls out all over the locker room floor. Jimmy Durano acts like he doesn’t know what they’re for; but when Jake lies down on the bench and puts his ass in the air Jimmy instinctively drives a huge butt-toy up his ass. Jimmy decides to put his teammate to the test; he grabs a baseball bat and orders Jake to get on his knees. The sight of Jake’s huge bubble-butt swallowing the repurposed athletic equipment makes Jimmy so hard he pulls out his giant cock and jacks off. Jake milks a huge load out of his own 10-incher while Jimmy beats off and shoots all over the baseball bat.

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Colt Studios – Uniform Men: Samuel Colt gallery

I’ve collected all of Samuel Colt’s solo pictures from his latest Colt Studio movie “Uniform Men”. In this film he has 2 scenes: an oral one with Spencer Reed, and a hot leather scene, where he tops muscle man Shay Michaels!

Samuel filmed another great leather themed  movie for Colt, it’s called “Muscles in Leather” and his scene partner is Colt exclusive Nate Karlton!

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Southern Strokes – Workshop Bang: Haigan, Cole, Logan and Joey

These four studs spent 3 days at the Ranch partying and fucking so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Haigan, Cole, Logan and Joey put on a literal fuckfest on their last day together. We had originally planned on Logan and Joey hooking up out in the workshop. Logan and Joey swapped head when Logan looked over and noticed that Cole and Haigan, sitting in the truck bed, had their cocks in their hands and enjoying the show.

Cole made the first move picking up where he and Logan left off earlier and started sucking Logan’s cock. Logan bent Cole over and fucked this big boy as Cole tongue fucked Joey’s throat. Back on the other side, Haigan mounted Joey and opened up Joey’s tight hairy ass as Joey discovered what it feels like to have a man inside him.

Things were just getting started as Cole and Logan swapped positions and Cole gave Logan another intense pounding. All the while, Haigan continued to give Joey his 9 inches of uncut pleasure. There is something about watching a guy’s face as he gets fucked for the first time that gives me a fucking boner every time.

This film is packed with fucking as Haigan took his turn on Cole’s amazing ass while Joey bent over and let Logan has his turn on his tight hairy hole. Not to be outdone, Logan had to make it about himself as he laid down and opened his mouth to give the boys a nice target for their creamy loads. I do believe that the prize goes to Haigan for his direct hit landing his load on Logan’s tongue.

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Bound Jocks – Brandon Jones & Ryan Lynch

Poor Brandon Jones is all tied up on his knees with nowhere to go when foul mouthed Ryan Lynch enters and starts abusing him. Brandon is forced to suck on Ryan’s cock while struggling to get free and ignores his own raging hard-on trying to escape from his jockstrap. Ryan flips Brandon around and ties him to the rack so that Brandon’s ass is now exposed and easy to paddle. Brandon’s balls are cinched tightly back as Ryan shoots a load onto Brandon’s bright red ass and then he forcefully milks a load out of Brandon as he begs for mercy.

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Coming Soon – Spencer Reed fucks JP Dubois in upcoming Cazzo movie

During his trip in Europe, porn star Spencer Reed shot videos for a couple of studios like Men At Play and Cazzo (maybe more). You’ve probably seen his Men At Play debut (click of you missed it) and now he has posted some photos on Twitter from his upcoming Cazzo movie, where he has JP Dubois as a partner.

Here is what JP wrote about the shoot on his site:

My other scene was in a bike repair shop which i found instantly horny! The smell of grease, oil and petrol really got me going. They also had a little something planned for me, we were going to fuck, using oil for lube… FIT and filthy! (*Buzz kill* not really, as that violates so many health and safety regulations it would make your eyes pop out! We used a special kind of mixed black lube… though still fuckin’ horny!)

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Coming Soon – Cum In My Face 2 by Stag Homme Studios

Today, I asked Francesco D’Macho on Twitter about the ETA of the upcoming Stag Homme DVD, and surprise…it will come NEXT WEEK! He also told me that this is going to the sequel of the very popular “Cum In My Face” movie, which features videos from Stag Homme’s “30 Loads of Facials” series.

I also have a picture from the cover shoot with porn stars Lucio Saints and  Damien Crosse!

If you don’t want to wait for the dvd, then you should sign up at and watch all the videos that are going to be on the dvd!

The studio has 9 DVDs available to buy, with the best dvd covers I’ve ever seen…and the sex is hot too, as always! Stag Homme is my favorite guilty pleasure when it comes to porn! Hot, muscled guys with big dicks!

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Sean Cody – Jarek and Brice fuck bareback

Brice was feeling very confident and very happy. Both he and Jarek seemed to be in a very good mood. Jarek started at Brice’s nipples and then worked his way down, but he didn’t find any ticklish spots.

Brice gave a hint or two at where his “spot” might be. Jarek worked his way up to Brice’s ear, and there it was! He started softly blowing and within a few seconds Brice went from bashful laughing, to slow deep breathing, to completely horny (with a rock-hard dick to prove it!).

Brice said he hadn’t been fucked in about two weeks and he was ready. His dick was at full mast as Jarek went in. After they were both spent, our team had a surprise. It was Brice’s twentieth birthday!

“Oh my god… I have cum all over me,” Brice said as we sang “Happy Birthday.”

“Well now you have cum and a birthday cake!”

“I just got fucked and I get birthday cake,” he said. You could tell he was happy!

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