Part 4 of CockyBoys‘ “Just Love” series is finally online! After a day of playing at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Carter Dane hit the showers and things heat up right away with Carter sucking Jimmy’s beautiful cock. Levi Karter ditches his swim trunks and jumps right in. Sucking both of their cocks as they moan and make out with each other.

It’s a beautiful scene with Levi getting fucked as he sucks Carter’s cock and his expert mouth soon has Carter shooting a huge load of cum all over his smooth tanned belly.
Jimmy sits back on the chair and Levi hops on his lap and guides his cock in his ass. Kissing him deeply as his bounces his ass up and down on the rock hard cock. That’s all it took to push Levi over the edge and the next time Jimmy touches his cock he shoots a huge load of cum all over his chest and abs. Jimmy isn’t far behind and he pulls out and aims his cock at Levi’s face. Levi licks Jimmy’s balls until they unleash another huge load of cum all over his neck and chest.


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