Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper are feeling that hot surge in their loins that comes when you need to bust a nut with the guy you’re with. An old tractor looks inviting. They nuzzle like a couple of young colts. Jason unbuttons his jeans and Joey takes over, giving Jason’s cock and balls an oral workout. Joey is a cute collegiate type — clean-cut, with dark wavy hair, no tattoos or piercings. Jason is more the linebacker type, with a diamond stud and some body ink. Jason lies along the huge tire of the tractor, his spine arched, his nipples and cock upright while Joey sucks him. Come time to swap, Jason sucks Joey, then Joey lies belly-down over the tire for Jason to eat his ass. That same tire provides ballast when Jason sinks his cock in Joey’s tight white hole. Joey is transported to a ‘fuck me’ state of consciousness, in which the world is reduced to cock and ass. They find a bench for Joey to lie on, and Jason fucks and sucks him at the same time. Joey spits in his hand and starts jacking his way to orgasm, cumming in high arcs just as Jason pulls out of his ass and covers Joey’s pubes with his spunk.

Watch Joey and Jason fuck at Falcon Studios


Watch Joey and Jason fuck at Falcon Studios

Watch Joey and Jason fuck at Falcon Studios

Joey Cooper bottoms for Jason Goodman in Falcon Studios’ “Bucks County 2 – Road To Temptation” was last modified: December 14th, 2013 by QueerPig
  • No worried about the farmer’s tan, just envied about not getting in on the action.

  • josh

    Looks like they had fun. Brings back memories of life on the farm.

  • MarkmBha

    Cute bottom!