As William Bravo reveals his mammoth mahogany cock Jared a.ka. Jered Aquila is salivating thinking of this huge cock working its way down his throat. Jared then gives William something that he has been yearning for, his ass. As he squats down it is met with William’s wet and probing tongue. Jared bends over and William gives his fat cock one last shot of spit before he rams his enormous raw cock up Jared’s ass. As Jared is able to relax his ass, William picks up the pace and fucks Jared harder and deeper, much to the delight of Jared. As William continues his assault on Jared’s ass he is pushed to his limits and explodes a huge, creamy load of cum and William does not let up for a second. Jared is then positioned with his knees next to his head and this gives William the opportunity to go as deep inside of Jared as possible. The sensation of his entire cock inside of Jared brings William to his climax that he showers all over Jared’s pink hole.

Kristen Bjorn, Jared, Jered Aquila, William Bravo

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