The first scene of TitanMen‘s new movie “Jailbreak” – starring exclusives Jesse Jackman and Eric Nero – is now available to watch on the studio’s website. Escapee Eric Nero runs through the woods as a helicopter hovers overhead—with armed officer Jesse Jackman hot on his tail. He gets tazered to the ground by the muscle cop, who stuffs his big cock in the prisoner’s mouth.

Eric sucks him some more before feeding the cop, Jesse slurping up the huge shaft. esse spits a big wad on Eric’s cock, then lets it dangle back into his mouth as Eric smiles down on him. Jesse rubs his shaved head and scruffy face on Eric’s dick, then buries his salt-and-pepper chin in his hole. He fucks Eric from behind, grunting as Eric turns around and smiles. Eric gets on his back, rubbing Jesse’s beard as he gets fucked—the two kissing before releasing their loads, Eric’s sac covered in his own white-hot cum.

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